20 books I read in 2012

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20 книг, библиотека
One of the most important habits of successful copywriters is daily reading! So I compiled (from memory) a list of books I read in 2012. Twenty came out. And how much do you have?

1. “Secrets of effective Internet advertising.” S. Berdyshev.

I didn’t even want to write a review of this book on the blog, because. the content did not reveal anything new to me, besides, the information is outdated in some places.

2. “How to increase 3 times the conversion of your site?” D. Golopolosov.

3. SEO. Guide to Internal Factors. L. Grokhovsky

4. “Reactive websites” (Client optimization in algorithms and examples). N. Matsievsky, E. Stepanishchev, G. Kondratenko.

5. “Kama Sutra for the speaker.” R. Gandapas.

This is a book that needs no introduction. After reading it, I immediately wanted to practice. And there were some very good cases. Here are a few quotes from the book.

  • “A professional speaker must have good physical fitness, elastic blood vessels, a trained heart and lungs, and be flexible.”
  • “A professional speaker should have a fulfilling sex life.”
  • “A professional speaker should be calm about the results of his speech.”

6. Time Drive. How to manage to live and work. G. Arkhangelsky.

A book about time management. Changed my outlook on life and time. Now, I think I use the time as efficiently as possible for myself.

7. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. S. Covey.

Another bestseller. Some numbers from the book:

4 update factors

  • Рhysical: physical exercise, proper nutrition, stress management.
  • Intellectual: reading, imagination, writing, planning.
  • Socio-emotional: service, empathy, inner security, synergy.
  • Spiritual: clarification and commitment to values, study and reflection.

Top 6 deposits in an emotional bank account

  1. Understanding.
  2. Attention to details.
  3. Fulfillment of obligations.
  4. Clarifying expectations.
  5. The manifestation of the integrity of the individual.
  6. Making a sincere apology upon withdrawal from the account.

8. “People who play games.” E. Bern.

A very controversial and outdated book, in my opinion. What do you think?

9. “Command or obey. Psychology of management”. M. Litvak.

An insanely interesting book, I will also give a few quotes that I liked the most.

  • “Obey the stupid boss, because he is stupid, obey the smart boss, because he is smart. Negotiate with a smart one, fool a stupid one.
  • “If you want to be thought well of yourself, speak badly of yourself.”
  • “The power of the leader comes from instructions; the power of the leader is absolute.”
  • “A man who can support himself, his wife and children has the right to marry; the right to marry has a woman who is able to support herself, children and her husband, if something happens to him.
  • “Do not live with your parents together for a single day: neither with your own, nor with your spouse’s parents.”
  • “When you scold a child, think about whether you have these qualities, because this is your child.”

10. Five Love Languages. G. Chapman.

An old but very good book. If someone has not read it yet, then here are the 5 languages ​​that are spoken about in the book:

  • words of approval.
  • Quality time.
  • Receiving gifts.
  • Acts of service.
  • Physical touch.

11. “Mother’s love.” A. Nekrasov.

An excellent book for future and current mothers. Basically, they talk about the redundancy of maternal love and how to find harmony between love for yourself, your husband (wife), children, work, and so on.

12. “The era of Facebook. How to use the power of social networks to grow your business. Clara Shih

13. “How to become a manager in IT.” V. Pankratov, A. Orlov.

A very interesting book that is suitable not only for IT specialists, but also for people who want to become managers and effectively manage people. For example, “to be made a manager, you must excel all other candidates in at least one quality”: 1. The ability to organize your work. 2. Area of responsibility. 3. Ability to communicate.

14. Black and white books of the manager from V. Pankratov and A. Orlov. Excellent style of presentation, a lot of humor and bitter truth.

15. “How to make money without start-up capital.” S. Azimov

Great book, loved it, great writing style. Formula derived:

personal growth + knowledge of performance techniques + doing = happiness + money

16. “Copywriting of mass destruction.” D. Kaplunov.

17. “Great events. Technologies and practice of event management”. A. Shumovich.

Great book on event management. Everything is chewed up and you can open your own agency even tomorrow under the inspiration from the book you read 🙂

18. “Customers for life.” C. Sewell and P. Brown.

In pursuit of new customers, we forget that existing customers will bring us more profit than we spend on attracting new ones. In a book about how to retain (and attract) customers by improving the service. And many more interesting ideas for your business.

19. “Composing slogans.” I. Morozova.

20. “Business promotion on the Internet. All about PR and online advertising. F. Gurov.