Boss vs Leader: An Endless Battle of Power and Inspiration

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    Every leader cares about the success of the enterprise. But sometimes there is too much enthusiasm on the part of the leader for “great prospects” and those who will implement these prospects are overlooked. It is not uncommon for the relationship between the boss and employees to border on the level of panic fear and flattery. As a rule, this creates an unnecessary working atmosphere and there can be no talk of high results, because excessive fear blocks all undertakings and the development of creative ideas.

    7 practical tips on how to connect, learn to collaborate productively, work towards a common goal and be a team

    1. Contact

    The leader needs to remember that people will be afraid of him on the subconscious, but in order to work productively, there must be a free exchange of thoughts and ideas between the boss and employees. Therefore, it is necessary to provide an opportunity to express one’s ideas freely, in connection with this, rude criticism is not allowed. After all, like-minded people can only be recognized through the unhindered exchange of thoughts and understanding of the ultimate goal. A good leader does not want a subordinate to tremble, because he understands that in such a state it will be difficult for a person to realize his potential for the benefit of the organization.

    1. Confidence and Trust

    The confidence of the boss is transferred to the team. And the flexibility of thinking allows you to search, listen carefully, make assumptions. You can make a lot of noise, but strong emotions are often bad advisers. Confidence is achieved by action, action is balanced by thought, and next to enthusiasm there should be calm prudence.

    1. Investments

    It is necessary and possible to develop people. To do this, first of all, you need to pay attention to them. A talented leader will try to get to know his employees as best as possible. There is no contradiction between care and work. Kindness and help are perfectly combined with adequate exactingness. When a subordinate is promoted in order for him to cope with a new job, the boss still needs to “keep his finger on the pulse”, not leave him alone with new tasks – this will help a person to reveal his skills.

    1. accept criticism

    It would seem that only the one who is in charge can criticize. But the realities of life show us that a critical attitude is not a position, but a state of mind and heart. Of course, no one likes critics and most try to get rid of them. Do not rush to do it! Such people are useful, they show things that need to be changed. The main thing is not to let the negative attitude win. Criticism must be turned to the good of the common cause.

    1. Support

    One of the most important factors in cooperation. Support is a belief in the best, and people who master this art should be valued in the team. Treasure such people. In troubled times, it is this attitude that will help to cope with difficulties. Support is a necessary resource.

    1. Value

    The person in charge is in charge. Of course, you won’t be appointed to a leadership position just like that, you need to have special knowledge and talent. Employees understand this. But the leader should not stop learning, and why not from those who work nearby. In this way, you can get sincere dedication, since everyone will feel their value. After all, it is the subordinates who plan and conduct events, implement projects, and constantly acquire new skills.

    1. Gratitude and Praise

    Here, the recognition of the efforts of the entire team and each employee individually is important. And not with some general phrases, but for the decisions made, ideas, and efforts made. A person feels his need and receives well-deserved recognition for his work.

    The relationship between the boss and the subordinate is the success of the enterprise, skillful leadership in understanding that people are behind it. It is people who are most valuable. And a real leader confirms their ability to be independent, gives them resources, trusts them, and helps them understand their goals.

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    Босс против лидера: бесконечная битва власти и вдохновения

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