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    Let’s briefly remind you what a deep link is – a link that allows you to go straight to a mobile application.

    What are Instagram deep links used for?

    For example, when you advertise your group on VKontakte or your YouTube channel, by default Instagram opens your link in its internal browser, due to which the conversion is lost. A deep link allows you to bypass their browser and open the application you need.

    According to our data, in the case when deep linking is not used, the conversion is around 39-40%, with the use of deep linking, it grows to 75-80%, not bad, right?

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    About mobsio

    The service is new and allows you to create a deep link for many applications. For example, for Instagram, VKontakte, YouTube or TikTok.

    How to get started with Mobzio?

    First you need to register on the service website –

    диплинк для инстаграм мобзиоNext, you need to select a deep link section and create your own deep link, having previously thought up your deep link domain.

    диплинк сервис мобзио

    After that, it remains to select the desired application and specify a link to your channel or group.

    сделать диплинк инстаграм

    Congratulations, your deep link has been created, you can now use it in your advertising campaigns. After launching an advertising campaign, you can also track the statistics of clicks in your personal account, the metrics that are available: click time, device, browser, OS, country, city, and source.

    What is special about mobsio?

    Unlike analogues, there are no restrictions on the number of clicks in mobzio, that is, traffic is not limited.

    You can connect additional metrics from Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica.

    Connect your own domain to your deep link.

    And all this within the framework of a single tariff that costs 240 rubles per month, an additional deep link will cost 200 rubles per month. And with the promo code MAVR for new customers, there is a -35% discount. Register!

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