How not to lose potential customers if you advertise your Instagram page through the Facebook Ads Cabinet?

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    There are 2 ways to promote your Instagram profile: Simple and Effective.


    Under each of your posts on Instagram there is a “Promote” button. Clicking on it takes you to the ad settings, where you select the minimum audience settings and budget.

    диплинк сервис

    Now let’s look at the Efficient way.

    Unlike the Easy way, the Effective way has many more different fine-grained audience settings. The more accurately you define your audience, the cheaper the price per subscriber will be for you.

    For example: Looking for young mothers with children from 1 to 2 years old or people who returned from another country 2 weeks ago? Can be set up easily.

    диплинк на инстаграм диплинк ссылка

    But when setting up such advertising, there are also pitfalls.

    Chief among them: the impossibility of using standard means of the Facebook Advertising Room to lead people to your Instagram page.

    сделать диплинк в инстадип

    If you insert a simple link to your account in the “Link” column (for example, ), then when you click on the ad, the user will be in the browser version of Instagram.

    The main disadvantages: the browser version is very inconvenient, and sometimes it may even ask the user to enter his username and password.

    пример диплинка в инстаграм

    And this, as you understand, is a weak point in advertising, where your potential subscribers will fall off.

    To prevent this from happening, experienced targetologists use deep link services. One of these is Instadeep.

    For more details, read the article – TOP services for Deeplinks.

    Deep link service Instadeep

    This service creates a special deep link. And if you click on this link in an ad on Instagram, then the insta profile will open directly in the application, and not in the browser.

    Using the service is very simple.

    1. Visit the site – instadeep


    1. To order a deeplink, click on “Try it for FREE”. In the pop-up window, enter your mail (it will receive a letter with a link and notifications that the validity period will expire soon) and account (you can just insert a link). Click on the “Submit” button.

    регистрация в Инстадип

    1. An email will be sent to your email stating that the link has been created and how long it will be valid.
      письмо с инстадип
    2. We copy this link (note that you need to copy the entire link up to the last sign “/”. A warning about this is in the letter immediately below the link).
    3. Paste this link into our advertisement.

    диплинк в рекламном кабинете

    Ready! Now you can run ads and not worry that some of the users will not get to your profile page when they click on the ad.

    How to extend the validity of a deep link from the service when it expires?

    1. Choose any of the suitable tariffs.
      тарифы инстадип
    2. Click on the “Pay” button. Specify the mail and the same account that you want to renew.
      оплатить диплинк
    3. Next, click on pay and you are transferred to the site of the payment service.
      оплата инстадип
    4. After payment, you will receive a check and a letter stating that the deep link is paid and you can use it.

    Pros and cons of Instadeep deep link service


    1. Each tariff includes an unlimited number of clicks, which greatly distinguishes the service from its competitors.
    2. Tariff prices are among the lowest among competitors.
    3. There is a tariff for 12 months especially for targetologists who work with several clients. After the purchase, the deep link link can be changed once a month. For example: you have been working with one client for 3 months, you have achieved the desired result and stopped working. Then another appears. You don’t need the first one, you write to technical support and the paid account is changed to the one that you now need.
    4. Closer to the expiration date, a notification about the expiration of the deep link is sent to the mail: 24 hours before the end, and when it ended. You definitely won’t miss the expiration date.
    5. Technical support works 24/7. They answer and help very quickly.
    6. Promotional codes for discounts are sent to the mail.
    7. A trial period can be ordered for each Instagram profile, but only 1 time. If you have many accounts, then you can use one E-mail for all profiles.

    One E-mail + multiple profiles = you can

    Multiple E-mail + one profile = not allowed


    1. There is no personal account where all your links and their validity period would be stored. You have to look for a letter in the mail and look at the expiration date there. But, you can ask technical support, they answer promptly.
    2. The service is designed exclusively for use in the Facebook Advertising Room and work in other places is not guaranteed, although it is often possible.
    3. There is no way to create a deep link for a post in the service, a deep link is created only for an account.
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