Envybox Service Review: Pros and Cons

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There are Internet marketing services that develop their product exclusively within the framework of one direction. And there are those who understand that marketing can and should work only in combination.

Therefore, they become multifunctional, that is, services with a large number of different tools within the same direction. And today we will talk about one of these – Envybox.

Envybox – what is it?

Envybox includes 9 products:

8 of them are services for the site that allow you to receive several times more requests from the site: callback, online chat, quizzes, customer generator, herd instinct, customer grabber, multi-button, form personalizer.

And 1 more product is a CRM system that automates the work of company managers up to 95%.

Key benefits of Envybox products:

  • 3.8 times more applications than from competitors’ services.
  • User care service and technical support will always promptly respond to the request and solve the problem in a short time.
  • Recaptures the annual cost during the free trial period.
  • Everything in one “box” Connected products are managed in one convenient place and paid for in one payment.
  • Weekly updates of all products.

Today we will take a closer look at the mechanism of operation, the pros and cons of the most popular Envybox services.

Envybox Quiz


A quiz is a widget that pops up specially prepared questions with answers in a test format. This survey is of interest to site users, as its subject matter is directly related to the product they are aiming to purchase.

In addition, to make the Quiz more effective, you can specify in the widget information about the discount that the visitor will be able to receive upon completion of the survey. This will increase the possibility of obtaining contact information from the user, so that in the future he will switch to the status of a client.

Envybox Квиз

Link to the service: https://bit.ly/3gzgUDP


  • the ability to collect customer base
  • there is a mobile version
  • availability of a quiz landing
  • visibility of responses
  • arrival of a message about the application in telegram
  • integration with services (U-ON travel, GetResponce, Yagla, MailChimp, Webhooks, SendPulse, Justclick, https://www.mailerlite.com/, api, Unisender, LP platform)
  • integration with analytics services (Yandex.Metrika, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Ratingru)
  • integration with CRM (EnvyCRM, AmoCRM, Bitrix24, Retail CRM)


  • no mobile app
  • quiz can only be of one type
  • no messengers instead of contact form

Envybox Callback

Back call

A callback or callback form is a website widget that connects a client with a representative of your company in 24 seconds. The callback widget is fully consistent with the design of your site.

How the callback widget works:

  • Your potential customer clicks the callback button on your website.
  • A sidebar appears prompting the user to enter their phone number.
  • After a few seconds, the customer’s phone number will be dialed. The callback widget links it to your call manager.
  • The manager communicates with the client from any device: office phone, smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • After the call, the client’s contact details and conversation history are stored in your account. You can contact the client by phone, SMS and popular social media messaging services.

Envybox Callback

Link to the service: https://bit.ly/3gxG8SQ


  • personalized messages
  • there is a function “Surprise the client”
  • have customer information
  • call time can be set
  • pronunciation of utm-tag, name and site name
  • you can set the widget display time
  • widget is loaded by region
  • calls from any form on the site
  • can be connected to your button
  • opportunity to make branding and individual design
  • the presence of animation
  • your text on the button
  • you can change the text in the widget window
  • there is a record of calls
  • availability of detailed statistics
  • ability to generate reports
  • call notifications outside business hours
  • PBX bypass (call the client after confirmation after hours)
  • integration with analytics systems (Yandex Metrika, Google Analytics, Roistat Analytics, Calltouch, Rating @Mail.ru)
  • integration with CPM systems (Google Tag manager, Telegram, Viber, Yagla, Webhooks, etc.)


  • there is no exit catcher
  • can’t change mobile button
  • there is no storage period for the recording of conversations

Envybox online chat

Online chat

Live chat is an online communication tool that allows you and your website visitors to communicate in real time.

Chat is a great alternative to phone calls or email. All you or your visitors need to do is type a message in the chat window and send it.

Envybox онлайн-чат

Link to the service: https://bit.ly/3sWHnAg


  • live auto-invites
  • personalization
  • mobile version of the widget
  • desktop application
  • connection of messengers and social networks. networks
  • print supervision
  • dialogue evaluation
  • sending a file
  • quick answers
  • multiple operators in a dialog
  • flexible display scenarios
  • operator reports
  • integration with services (U-ON travel, GetResponce, Yagla, MailChimp, Webhooks, SendPulse, Justclick, https://mailchimp.com/, api, Unisender, LP platform)
  • CRM integration (EnvyCRM, AmoCRM, Bitrix24, Retail CRM)

Онлайн-чат минусы


  • no offline feedback form
  • Can’t transfer chat to another operator
  • button shape selection

CRM Envybox


EnvyCRM is a system that keeps records of clients and transactions, and in convenient cards, the entire history of interaction with a client is presented in chronological order from the first call to the purchase.

CRM Envybox

A CRM system is needed in order to increase the number of sales in a company. What makes this happen:

  • The entire client base is maintained in one place. If the manager quits, then customers are not lost;
  • For each client, there is always a date for the next contact. The manager will not forget about the client, even if he did not buy right away;
  • All statistics are visible (how many calls the manager made, how many clients he processed, how much money he brought, etc.);
  • Manager control. You can listen to recordings of conversations with clients, you can see the history of the relationship of each manager with the client;
  • Easy to hire new managers. New managers require less training as the processes are automated and the manager can get to work right away.


Suitable for any company with a small range of products or services. Ideal for B2B, wholesales, sales of various services (lawyers, event agencies, plastic windows, stretch ceilings, air conditioners, and so on).

EnvyCRM обзор

Link to the service: https://bit.ly/3Bd5ptB


  • free implementation
  • does not require employee training
  • there are ready-made solutions for various niches
  • free technical support
  • automatic “loading” of tasks for clients
  • visibility of the client’s time according to his time zone
  • quick entry of date and time
  • deal management with buttons
  • time tasks
  • quick entry of comments
  • messages from any social networks and instant messengers
  • calls directly from CRM
  • there is a record of calls
  • letter templates
  • manager reports
  • have utm tags
  • possibility of planning
  • sales funnels
  • reporting
  • client’s card
  • extension in the client card
  • email integration
  • integration with analytics services (Google Analytics)
  • integration with services (Zadarma, My Calls Beeline Business, Mango Office, Megafon, ATC, UiS, MCN Telecom, Yandex Telephony, Phonet, onlinePBX, binotel, Sipnet, Mobilon, CompNet, CallAPI, Speed Call, Tele2, MTT, Dom.ru, Sipuni, Rostelecom, Telfin, api, Webhooks, Facebook, SMSRU, Sendpulse)


  • no built-in messenger
  • no integration with Yandex.Checkout
  • there is no way to connect payment systems
  • no integration with online checkout
  • missing audio commentary
  • no auto-replies

You can set up Envybox services yourself following the instructions and video tutorials. Or specialists will install widgets and a crm-system for free according to the specifics of your business and give you 7 days of free use.