Get rid of bots on Instagram in a couple of clicks with InstaHero (service does not work)

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    InstaHero is an innovative service with a narrow set of features that you won’t find anywhere else. If you have a suspicion that your audience does not meet your requirements (coverage has fallen, a low engagement index, 2000 shaggy bots have been cheated, etc.), then InstaHero is your salvation! The coolest analysis, on the basis of which you can get rid of unwanted subscribers in the future, and cool monitoring – that’s what InstaHero combines. Let’s take a closer look at this service.

    как избавиться от ботов в инстаграме

    Who should get to know InstaHero better?

    InstaHero was created for SMM specialists as a tool for strict control over account promotion and advertising campaigns not only on Facebook, but also among bloggers. The monitoring service will allow you to specifically control the RK, and to understand what you have to work with is a full-fledged analysis of subscribers, literally taking them apart, but more on that later.

    Features InstaHero

    The three pillars of InstaHero are analysis, cleaning Instagram bots, and monitoring. About everything in order.

    Audience analysis

    Audience analysis is paid every time, its price depends on the number of subscribers, and starts from 99 rubles for checking one account. However, so that you can see with your own eyes what the analysis shows, the service offers to check 1000 of your subscribers (but not more than 30% of the total) for free, after which it displays all the data described below, by which you can already understand the current state of things:

    Избавиться от ботов в Инстаграм

    • the percentage of girls and boys;
    • the percentage of abandoned profiles that have not been accessed for more than 4 weeks;
    • the number of business profiles (remember that some include a business profile in order to access Instagram statistics);
    • massfollowers – such profiles, whose number of subscriptions exceeds 1,500;
    • private accounts;
    • mutual subscribers;
    • profiles of foreigners.

    почистить ботов в инстаграм

    Among the useful you will also find a clickable world map. Click on the country you are interested in and see how many of your subscribers live in it. The online table of your audience is also important, not only by the days of the week, but also by the hours on each day of the week. Cool information for compiling a time plan aimed at the maximum engagement index.

    Under the map, there are convenient charts with gender and age, as well as the languages of your subscribers (the language is read in the profile header)

    как почистить ботов в инстаграм как почистить ботов в инстаграм бесплатно

    What to do with the received data after the analysis? Rather, upload them to the bot blocking service!

    Clean Instagram bots by InstaHero

    Blocking bots and unwanted followers allows you to increase reach by increasing the engagement index. Collect a tear-clean audience on your Instagram and break ER records:

    • set up automatic blocking of bots;
    • manually select the categories of those who should be blocked or removed;
    • remove inactive accounts;
    • Keep track of what is happening with daily reports and error notifications that will be sent to your specified email;
    • set blocking limits for the day.

    By the way, after setting the limit, the service will calculate the number of days after which it will remove the current bots, which allows you to plan the process.

    Monitoring in InstaHero

    If you have launched a text target or just choose bloggers for ongoing cooperation, you will like the monitoring service that shows data not only for 30 days, but also for any other period of interest to you. What the platform monitors:

    • the dynamics of the arrival / departure of subscribers;
    • average ER for the selected time range;
    • the number of outgoing subscriptions to calculate the advertising campaign estimation error;
    • the best posts by the engagement index for a given period of time;
    • a summary table with a report on all parameters for 1 month of monitoring.

    как почистить ботов в инстаграм программа бесплатно

    Even your grandmother will understand the service – all questions that may arise in the process of work are sorted out in a special FAQ section.

    как почистить подписчиков в инстаграме от ботов

    There will be no problems with payment either – all more or less well-known payment systems and wallets are screwed to the service, which is very convenient.

    Try InstaHero for free!

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