How does Pamagram work (closed) or Instagram promotion service overview

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    Today, Instagram is a great platform for any type of commerce. They just don’t sell anything with the help of this social network, ranging from the services of plastic surgeons to dietary supplements. This is in addition to the active development of blogging and vlogging.

    Therefore, it is not surprising that it becomes more and more difficult to promote your Instagram account every year. And by the way, picking up a decent service for its promotion is also not an easy task. But recently I discovered a truly wonderful service – Pamagram.

    Without a twinge of conscience, I can call it one of the most convenient and effective of all that I have ever tried.

    Who is this amazing service for?

    Newcomers! And people who have a business on Instagram, but do not have time to deeply study the features of fast promotion.

    Before, I was convinced that it could not be easier than the Instaplus service. Believe me, Pamagram is even easier. Probably, not without reason its name is associated with the verb “help”.

    And now to the point!

    Features of promotion with Pamagram:

    1. What makes this service different from others is payment for promotion separately for each connected account. That is, each account has its own counter and tariff. Naturally, the longer the term of the tariff, the cheaper.

    несколько аккаунтов в Pamagram

    1. A convenient option for setting up a task schedule. You can mark days of the week and hours when the service should continuously perform tasks.
      настройка графика выполнения задач
    2. The ability to simultaneously put all types of tasks on play (like, comment, follow, unsubscribe).

    типы задач

    Undeniable advantages of Pamagram

    I must say right away that the service has a lot of advantages!

    1. The presence of a simple and clear option for targeting. You can set the necessary criteria for finding the target audience so that the service performs the most useful actions! It is convenient that you can simultaneously set all possible target audience options (by geography, by competitors, by tags).
    2. The presence of an option to filter the audience. Do you want to get quality followers? Then just add your stop words or use the options offered by the service.


    1. The ability to turn on the entire range of tasks at the same time and not “steam”. The service itself alternately performs actions, according to the necessary limits.
    2. Built-in analytics with a schedule + systematic email notification with information about the progress of tasks and results.
    3. The service works remotely! That is, it is not necessary to turn on the PC for the account to work on the promotion.
    4. Easy to use and nice looking interface. Really, this service is impossible not to deal with!
    5. The ability to use the service from your phone or tablet. Oh yeah! This is the dream of any SMM!


    1. Each account must be paid separately. That is, you can connect it, but enable tasks only after payment.
    2. Expensive compared to other services. So, for example, if the average cost of other services is 1100-1300 rubles per month (if you can connect 3-5 or more accounts), then here you will have to pay 600 rubles per month for each account. But if you are sure that you will be promoting the project for more than a month, it is more profitable to take a tariff for 3 months or more at once.
      Pamagram стоимость
    1. There is no test period. If other services offer from 3 to 7 days of free use (and programs often offer limited functionality for free), then you can work here only for money.

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    My recommendation: if you need quick results, don’t have time to fine-tune, and have a pretty penny, feel free to use Pamagram. Along with other services, only this one showed real results in the first day! Two days after connecting the account and launching tasks, the increase in two days was 93 target subscribers (and this is without detailed targeting. Only 2 competitors were selected, geo + filters for commercial queries). The next day, the numbers began to grow even faster. At the same time, the account has never been blocked by Instagram. The mail also did not receive messages from the social network about suspicious activity.

    That is, the limits are actually respected. And if suddenly your account is young and “inexperienced”, Pamagram has tips that will help you set up tasks correctly!

    Without exaggeration, I can say that the Pamagram service is a magic wand in matters of rapid promotion. Therefore, feel free to test and get targeted subscribers from the first days.

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