How to advertise forbidden topics on Vkontakte: a real case

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    From the article you will learn:

    • what are the topics of advertisements under the taboo VK;
    • a practical case on promoting Vkontakte site for the sale of gaming property;
    • the price of traffic to the site from VK advertisements.

    And is it worth launching campaigns on prohibited topics.

    What are the topics of advertisements under the taboo VKontakte

    “NO to low-grade advertisements in the open spaces of VK!” – said the developers of the social network. And since December 2016, moderators have been paying special attention to the content of targeted ads. The official administration community has published a list with explanations that you cannot advertise on Vkontakte.

    Taboo topics have complicated the work of SMM specialists in promotion. But to say that they made it impossible is impossible. Let’s see how this happened in practice.

    Case: Traffic to a site selling gaming property – World of Tanks

    Task: attracting users to the site selling accounts, game gold, equipment for the World of Tanks online game.

    The average price of the property is 1200 rubles.

    The cost per click was set within 5 rubles, and for the conversion – no more than 200 rubles.

    What we did:

    1. Target audience analysis.

    At the first stage, we analyzed the target audience and divided it into 2 segments:

    • competing groups;
    • interest groups.

    Active databases of groups were manually collected for each segment.

    активные базы групп

    1. Running ads with different targeting in order to identify the “leading ad” and run split testing for each segment separately.

    Examples of advertisements:

    Примеры рекламных объявлений

    Cost per click – 3.5 rubles.

    The following ads proved to be effective for launching split testing:

    Примеры рекламных объявлений

    Cost per click – 3 rubles.

    1. Running split tests with leading ads for each segment separately (for competitor groups and interest groups).

    After split-testing, the ineffective groups were weeded out, and the most active user bases were collected from the effective ones using the TargetHunter service.

    1. Launch advertising campaigns in full force with different options for teasers and advertising texts. Below is the analytics.

    Competing groups:


    The average cost per click is 2.15 rubles.

    Interest groups:

    The average cost per click is 1.7 rubles.

    Top performing ads:

    Наиболее эффективные объявления

    Despite the fact that the topics for promotion on VKontakte are prohibited, we managed to launch ads in this format:

    Наиболее эффективные объявления

    And the promo posts looked like this:


    The average cost per visit to the site is 1.2 rubles.


    As a result, promo posts worked best. But the group, which was specially created to launch them, was quickly blocked. Again, because of the theme.

    The process of launching advertising campaigns was difficult because VKontakte moderation rejected ads. All campaigns worked for 2 weeks, after which they were stopped by moderation.

    Total: the average cost per click was 1.7 rubles. (instead of the planned 5 rubles)

    The client independently tracked conversions. According to him, the average cost per purchase is 100-150 rubles. (instead of the planned 200 rubles)

    The advantage in this case will be an increase in the recognition of the site (its goods and services) among users of the social network, since there is a lot of competition in this market segment.

    Such Vkontakte advertising is an effective and inexpensive way to get website traffic and conversions. But given the forbidden topics and strict moderation, think in advance – is there any point?

    By the way, on Facebook, advertising of gambling, online lotteries, bookmakers, bingo and others does not refer to prohibited topics, but to “restricted content”. Placement on this social platform depends on the legislative norms of the country whose audience is being targeted.

    P.S. Soon, the website itself, to which the traffic was attracted, ceased to exist. Hacked. Nevertheless, it was a challenging but interesting experience. The client was satisfied with the targeting and a few months later resumed cooperation with the agency on a new web resource.

    Author: Julia Gorsha, Leading Targetologist at Wezom Internet System Solutions Agency

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