Case: How I wanted to get promoted on Instagram and I succeeded (but not right away)!

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Hello! My name is Ilona and I am a travel blogger. Over the past six months, I have lived in 4 countries, got acquainted with the traditions of different nations, rethought many things. And it was not luck or luck that allowed me to achieve this, but my own actions.

обзор plumapp

I will not tell you what Instagram promotion is, who bloggers are and why you need all this. If you opened this article, then you already know all this, but you are not very good at it. Like I once did … Now I will tell you in detail how I achieved my results and what mistakes I made. I hope my story helps you. Go!

Step 1: Dream, goal and some luck

Like you, I didn’t set out to work in an office all my life. I wanted to manage my own time and earn decent money at the same time. I have tried many jobs: from a music teacher to a good manicurist with my own base of regular customers.

Once I won a casting and became a co-host of a well-known YouTube channel about martial arts. That’s where it all started… I realized that I could become a blogger! I started Instagram and began to wait for subscribers 🙂

First, I followed all my friends and recommendations from Instagram – it gave a great start, I advise everyone to start with this.

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It turned out to gain 500 subscribers, but things did not go further. Therefore, I decided to try to attract subscribers with the help of promotion services and … I almost lost my account. ?

Step 2: A failed introduction to mass following

I could write a separate article about my suffering with promotion services. It seems that the developers of such services make them for programmers, not ordinary people! If you’ve tried it, you know what I’m talking about.

Over the next months, I figured out the interfaces and settings of these programs. I have tried all the famous ones. She surfed the Internet looking for definitions of the terms that are used in these services, and became a walking encyclopedia on SMM. I just wanted subscribers…

I gained +1,000 subscribers in about six months, but at what cost! At first, only Turks subscribed to me, and since mass followers work on the “like and subscribe” principle, my feed was overflowing with posts of these leftist people. You could forget about a cozy tape with photos only from my friends. Every day I created tasks for subscription, then for unsubscribing. I constantly experimented with settings and filters to achieve some acceptable result, but all this only worsened the speed…

And then one day I opened the app and found that Instagram blocked me!

Step 3: The main thing is not to lose heart, although it is difficult

Unblocked after a few weeks after a tedious correspondence with Instagram technical support. After that, I swore off using mass followers and trusting such services, I was afraid for my password.

For six months, I almost didn’t add subscribers, no matter how hard I tried. I tried to use like chats, hashtags, manual selective liking of interesting profiles, but there was almost no effect. I barely made it to 2,000. At some point, my hands began to drop. I thought it was time to score.

But one day a friend wrote to me and offered to test the promotion service that he and his friend made for themselves. They are IT people and also wanted to promote their Instagram accounts, so they wrote a program 🙂

Of course, at first I was scared, but they assured me that everything is simple and they guarantee safety. I didn’t really think about the result then, I just decided to help the guys test their site.

This was the turning point in my blogging career! I realized how much time I wasted in vain while dealing with previous services. And how surprised I was when I was able to start promotion in the friends service in 5 (FIVE) minutes!

Step 4: is my discovery of the year! Unfortunately, it has already closed

Yes, the whole service setup took 5 minutes! In Plumap there were no settings for limits, filters, tasks for following, unsubscribing and liking. The guys said that their service does everything by itself. This, of course, was very captivating, but would it be of any use, I thought, and decided that it certainly wouldn’t be worse – you need to try it!

раскрутки в Instagram от plumapp

Authorized through VKontakte in 1 click. Then the service asked me to indicate the subject of my account in order to determine the target audience and start searching for suitable subscribers.

After some time, I received a message on VKontakte from the Plumap chat bot that the promotion had successfully begun and 80 people had subscribed to me in the first day. “What?! Like 80 people in a day?!” I thought, and began to check if they were Indians. It turned out that they were real Russian-speaking people!

In a month I received as many active and friendly subscribers as I did not receive in the entire previous year! +1 700 subscribers per month!

Step 5: The most important section in this article

1,700 subscribers is not just a number, they are real and living people who began to read, like and comment on my posts with pleasure. Some of them I even became friends with!

Behind the simple and nice interface of Plumap, there were huge opportunities that are not found in any other service. In general, it turned out that the system itself searches for subscribers on the specified topic, filters bots on its own, monitors the quality of source accounts and automatically disables them if they have no effect or have run out of subscribers.

Subscription-unsubscription is also automated, no need to create tasks – promotion works every day, Instagram limits are taken into account, automatically adjusts the speed and night pauses are made so that Instagram does not suspect us of using cheat services. You have probably already heard that Instagram has decided to fight promotional services, so Plumap is not in danger.

обзор plumapp 3

Yes, and the best part. Plumup automatically hides everyone he follows, so now there are no posts of leftist people in my feed. The application displays posts only from my friends and subscribers, whom I added myself.

Tip: Active engagement with select followers can get your posts into Recommendations, a dream of almost all bloggers. Because such people are more willing to comment on your posts in the first hours after publication, and this takes you to the very recommendations section where the reach is almost endless.

In general, I’m telling you what you urgently need to do in order not to make the mistakes that I made until I met Plumap.

  1. Register on plumapp through social. network – just a couple of clicks, there is nothing easier!
  2. Add your instagram account. They are ok with security.
  3. Specify a topic.
  4. Allow guys to message you to get short but very positive promotion reports.
  5. Tip: do not be lazy, find 5-10 more large accounts whose subscribers may be interested in your account and add them manually in the sources.
  6. Get 7 days of use for free! They say that some lucky guy was able to attract up to 1500 subscribers in the first week.


I went from a novice blogger, I probably stepped on every possible rake, but still I found my way and now I have almost 5 thousand loyal subscribers and this is just the beginning! I’ve only been using Plumap for a few months!

I went on a journey around the world and I talk about my adventures on my blog. I work remotely at an English language school, and I also promote Instagram accounts of various companies. Now I am a guru in this, and Palamap allows you to put everything on stream almost without wasting time.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story!

Tell us in the comments about your promotion experience or ask me a question – I will try to answer everyone!

– Ilona.