Books 2016. What did I read in 2016?

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    I have a tradition: every year I publish a list of books read in a year. As it turned out, the volumes of books read amount to tons, and among them there are not only professional literature, but also fiction.

    1. Emanuel Rosen. “The Anatomy of Word of Mouth Marketing”.

    2. Igor Mann. “No budget. 73 Effective Marketing Techniques.

    3. Nikolay Mrochkovsky, Andrey Parabellum. “Business. Reboot. How to get a business out of a steep peak, which, it would seem, is no longer possible to save.

    4. Mini-book: “100+ Practical Hacks for Internet Marketers” by Texterra

    5. R. Dooley. “Neuromarketing. How to influence the subconscious of the consumer.

    6. J. Schafer, M. Carlins. “We turn on the charm according to the methods of the special services.”

    7. M. Dixon, B. Adamson “Champions of sales. What and how the best salespeople in the world do differently.”

    8. Lee Odden. Selling content. How to connect content marketing, SEO and social networks into a single system.

    9. Phil Barden. “Marketing hack. The Science of Why We Buy.

    10. A. Parabellum, V. Morozov. “A million-dollar event. Quick money on other people’s knowledge

    11. Mike Mikalowitz The Pumpkin Method. How to become a leader in your niche without a budget.

    12. A. Parabellum, V. Morozov. 21 business laws. The real reasons for success.

    13. A. Parabellum, V. Morozov. “21 laws of information business”.

    14. I. Alekseeva, T. Gulyaeva. High-flying PR. How to make a star out of a top manager.

    15. Mike Mikalowitz. Startup without a budget.

    16. Erin Kissain. Fundamentals of Content Strategy.

    17. Ivan Sevostyanov. “Search Engine Optimization. A practical guide to website promotion on the Internet. 3rd edition, 2016

    18. Daniil Shardakov. Headlines for all occasions.

    19. Allen R. G. “Multiple sources of income.”

    20. Matison D. “Media discourse. Analysis of media texts.
    The real power is the power to decide what makes sense, what is normal, and what is right.

    21. K. Kevorkyan “A Dangerous Book. The Phenomenon of Nazi Propaganda.

    22. D. Kaplunov “Neurocopywriting. 100+ Influence Techniques with Text.

    23. E. Lankin “How to win elections without administrative resources: Recommendations of an experienced political strategist.”

    24. L. King “What am I doing here? The path of a journalist.

    25. S. Azimov “Sales. Negotiation. Practice, examples»

    26. A. Parabellum. “Outsourcing and Project Management”.

    27. A. Parabellum, N. Mrochkovsky, K. Belevich. “Fast money online. 50 ways to make money sitting at home at the computer.

    28. A. Parabellum, N. Mrochkovsky. “Get everything out of the business! 200 ways to increase sales and profits.

    29. A. Parabellum. “Golden Laws of Successful Consulting”.

    30. A. Parabellum. “Infobusiness-light” (2008)

    31. A. Parabellum, A. Makurin. “Personal Power: 7 Courageous Steps”

    32. A. Parabellum. Sales Optimization (2009)

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