Books 2017. What did I read last year?

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    I continue the tradition and publish the following selection of books I read over the past year. As it turned out, the volumes of books read amount to tons, and among them there are not only professional literature, but also fiction.

    1. Irvin Shaw. “Young Lions”

    2. K. Baksht “Big contracts”

    3. B. Tracy “Delegation and management”

    4. I. Adizes “The Ideal Leader”

    5. A. Levitas “More money from your business”

    6. A. Parabellum “Sales and Life”

    7. A. Parabellum “Premium work with the upper market segments”

    8. A. Parabellum “Business Development”

    9. A. Parabellum “Management of life”

    10. David Meister. “Management of a professional services firm”

    11. A. Parabellum. “Business Transformation”

    12. A. Parabellum. “Doubling sales in the online store”

    13. M. Batyrev. “45 manager tattoos. Rules of the Russian leader»

    14. F. Kotler. “300 Key Marketing Questions”

    15. Irina Lengard. “Mobile marketing for business”

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    16. Dan Waldschmidt. “Be the best version of yourself”

    17. Patrick Lencioni. “The five vices of a team. Parables about leadership»

    Притчи о лидерстве

    Exercise “A little about myself”: brothers and sisters, place of birth, childhood problems, hobbies, first job, worst job.

    18. B. Sher “Dreaming is not harmful. How to get what you really want

    19. M. Ilyakhov, L. Sarycheva. “Write, cut: how to create strong text”

    20. Chris Smith. “Conversion. How to turn leads into sales

    21. Alexander Bard, Jan Zoderqvist “Netocracy. New ruling elite and life after capitalism”

    22. Timur Aslanov. Sales Arithmetic. Vendor Management Guide»

    Boston Product Life Cycle Matrix

    Бостонская матрица жизненного цикла товара

    23. Keith Dinnie. Territory branding. Best world practices»

    24. Leonardo Inguilieri, Mika Solomon. “Outstanding service, great profit. Principles for achieving true customer focus”

    25. Dmitry Kot. “Selling texts: a model for assembly. Copywriting for everyone.

    26. R. Cialdini. “Psychology of Influence”

    27. A. Shumovich. 100 steps to debt collection. A practical guide to working with debtors.

    28. W. Chang Kim. “Blue Ocean Strategy”.

    29. Jill Conrath. “Selling to Big Companies”

    30. Maslennikov Roman. “Promotion of a superfirm. 101 proven methods from Dovgan to Durov.

    31. G. Charmesson. “Trademark. How to create a name that will bring in millions

    32. R. Dilts. “Language Tricks”

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