Communication with the client in the post-quarantine world

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    The world is constantly changing, and in moments of crisis, these changes become apparent. No matter how they speak about today’s crisis, it is just a part of our development. And ahead will be the one who has already realized that the world will not be the same, the one who is ready to change and look for new answers to old questions.

    What will our new world be like? Let us summarize the main predictions of experts.

    Коммуникация с клиентом в посткарантинном мире

    There is an obvious bias towards online. And at the same time, a human company will be more valuable than ever after the crisis. And it will become a value both literally and figuratively. After all, there will be many borders in the new world, at least at first. The borders of countries will not open immediately. Particular attention will be paid to disease control. Even the most advanced and open peoples have shown in themselves the primitive fear of people in front of the unfamiliar, distrust of other people is growing.

    Another obvious trend will be the strengthening of the role of the state in both free and partially free countries. And the society will agree to give this control into the hands of the state in order to avoid the recurrence of pandemics. Devices for constant monitoring of the state of the body are already being created, and control and movement are already possible.

    Human society is inertial, everything that has been experienced in these months will be embodied in our life for years to come. New laws and regulations will be developed, new devices and technologies will be created. And it is very possible that it will become a good practice before the meeting to exchange health cards on trustworthy services. And zone restrictions for certain groups of people will no longer be a fantasy.

    No matter how the world changes, people remain people. Communication methods change, but the need remains. And all this primarily affects the business. Communication with the audience becomes more creative and requires effort and skill. Being engaged in the creation of content for social networks, we notice this very much. Those companies that create stories and dialogue with the client win. Those who perceive page promotion as a hard daily routine risk losing an attractive image.

    эффективная коммуникация с клиентом

    The form and methods of communication are changing. Human curiosity and interest remains unchanged. Therefore, when changing, you should not lose yourself, you should just tell about yourself from the other side and in a different way. Therefore, following trends is not always a good practice. Uniqueness is always important, but shocking for the sake of shocking has a short-term effect. Group communication is always a small series that has poignant moments, plot twists and romantic scenes. It is very figuratively possible to call such a model optimal in communicating with your community. That is why communication must follow a certain scenario or plan. Not all actions are always spelled out, but the overall strategy, even in a changing world, has always borne fruit.

    Thus, despite all the changes, the need for live communication remains, part of this communication has been forced to go online. If you are working with your community, you need to understand the plot of communication and think through the “plot twists”. Creativity is important, but it’s even more important to be creative at the right place in your story.

    Evgeny Bessarab, head of Videopro company.

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