Lead generation in b2b is important, and converting those leads into sales is more important!

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Лидогенерация в b2b, лид скорингEveryone talks about lead generation or attracting potential customers, forgetting about the intermediate and final stages. Who will work with the lead? Marketer or “salesperson” (sales)? I immediately recall the eternal confrontation between marketers and sales managers. The first leads (lead or contact/potential Client) lead to low-quality leads, the second ones do not know how to sell.

Although marketers define lead generation as their top priority, converting leads into paying customers is the biggest challenge in b2b.

Here are some numbers from MarketingSherpa’s research:

  • 68% of b2b marketers have not built a sales funnel;
  • 79% do not conduct lead scoring.

(See also “Case: Email Scoring”)

Here are three steps you can take to improve your lead generation ROI by improving the quality of the leads that get passed to the sales team and increasing your conversion rate.

Step 1. Identification

You must determine exactly which “contact” is a lead for you.

If you are able to identify what a lead is in your particular case, you can increase your ROI from screening those leads by 35% (according to MarketingSherpa).

Step 2. Evaluation

Lead scoring is the process of adding or subtracting points (points) that are assigned to various attributes and behaviors of leads that determine purchase readiness.

  • Scoring attributes include: company size, income, budget, position, etc.
  • Behavior evaluation includes: visits to the site and activity (for example, downloading a price list), sending email, chatting (chatting or chatting, accessing online chat).

MarketingSherpa research reports a 77% increase in ROI from lead scoring.

Step 3. Optimization

To ensure that you, as a marketer, are sending highly qualified leads and sales force, you must constantly optimize the process:

  • Develop prompt, constructive, high-quality feedback with the sales department.
  • Constantly optimize lead segmentation.
  • “Pass” your lead scoring program through the SWOT analysis.
  • Stay up to date with the latest industry trends that affect your market and lead scoring program.

An example from my practice. Auto mailing on initial contact.

1. A request is sent to sales@site.com

  • From: Turner
  • Subject: Demo Request from Turner
  • First Name: Cheryl
  • Last Name: Turner
  • position:
  • company:
  • Phone:
  • Email: Ct53@site.com
  • Business: private
  • Sent from page: http://site.com
  • IP:

2. The server automatically sends a response from sales@site.com to Ct53@site.com with a pre-prepared email.

In this case, there will be 3 pre-prepared letters.

Will be sent according to the rule of filling fields.

For example,

a) If all fields are filled – No. 1

Subject: Follow up

Hi {{User_Name}},

Thanks for requesting a demo of {{Our Software}}. I’m happy to give you a quick walk-through of our platform and then set up a trial. Just let me know what day this week works best for us to have a call & demo. The demo usually takes about 45 minutes.

In the meantime, here is a little more information on {{Our Software}} at the attached brochure.

For more information you can check out our videos at: https://www.youtube.com/

Thanks again, and I look forward to learning more about your needs.

Best, Head of Sales Department

b) If, in addition to the main fields (First Name, Last Name, Email), the Phone field is filled in, a template letter No. 2 is sent

Subject: We got your request to try {{Our Software}}


Thank you for your request to try {{Our Software}}. Our Sales Department Supervisor, will be in touch soon.

Meanwhile, you might take a look at our blog posts on our site or visit our online tour of {{Our Software}}, or follow us on social network for conversation and updates.

We’ll get you in as soon as we can!

Follow us at social network accounts:

Best, Sales Department

c) If only the main fields or other rules not listed in the previous paragraphs are filled in – No. 3

Subject: {{User_Name}}, Your {{Our Software}} Inquiry

Hi there

Thank you so much for your interest in {{Our Software}}! Our goal is to give you everything you need to get your business up.

Someone from our Sales Department will be in touch soon.

Meantime it’d be really helpful for us to get the information about your company and tasks you expect to solve with our {{Our Software}}.

Best, Sales Department