Masslooking: how I reached 50,000 people through stories in a week

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If mass following and mass liking in the Instagram environment is already a common thing, then mass looking has appeared recently and immediately became a powerful trend.

Masslooking is mass viewing of stories on Instagram. As I found out from my own experience, such actions on behalf of my account can, with a competent approach, bring hundreds and thousands of subscribers and greatly increase activity.

This is how this tool looks in the Tooligram service (closed):


By the way, they have free, unlike other services. It is included in the most basic package without any additional payment, I ran to test it immediately after the update, as I already saw that masslooking works, but before that there was no such convenient and free automation. But the guys from Tuligram again pleased us with a useful update!

Why does masslooking work?

It would seem that when looking at other people’s stories, we make statistics for these people, and not for ourselves. But no! A lot of users will immediately become interested in you if you become familiar under their stories. There are several reasons why masslooking works very cool and gives results.

  • Novelty. Instagram users are already accustomed to mass followers and are no longer so actively responding to likes and subscriptions. But a stranger who regularly views stories immediately attracts attention. This works especially well with users who have up to 300-400 followers. Their stories usually get a small number of views from people they know, and any newcomer immediately becomes noticeable. According to my feelings, after my views, about a third of the audience came to my profile, which is very good!
  • Go to Stories. Most users first of all look through stories, and only then they reach the feed with posts. There are several reasons for this migration. Firstly, stories are a more lively, real format. People managed to get tired of the perfect, retouched pictures in the posts. They also began to pay more attention to their stories. Many immediately go to their window to check the answers to questions or the scale of reactions, and only then check the activity under the publications. And that means my viewing earlier catches their eye. Why, I myself spend more time in stories than in the feed.
  • Big limits. If the safe limit of subscriptions and likes per day has long been limited to a thousand, and for some even less, then freemen reign in the stories. Viewing up to 5,000 stories is considered quite safe, although some risky people exceed 10,000 and still avoid a ban. Tuligram, by the way, has another convenience in that safe limits are set automatically. And even within these limits, I get 5 times more interactions with the target audience! Of course, I am not a risk taker and kept within reasonable limits, so I had no problems with my account.
  • The most active audience By aiming at stories, you get into the liveliest segment of Instagram users. It is those who regularly post stories who spend the most time on the social network and tend to be more active. I noticed that people from this audience actually subscribe better and like more.

How to use masslooking?

I have been using Tooligram for a long time, so I studied all the settings there a long time ago, everything works for masslooking in the same way as for massfollowing. I just chose the audience whose stories I would like to view and launched the task.

Lifehack: it is better to choose people with a small number of subscribers – so the likelihood that you will be noticed is greater.

However, it should be taken into account that this tool gives such a large number of contacts with the audience per day due to large limits that you can approach the choice of the audience a little less strictly. The volumes will be very large, masslooking is a “weapon of mass destruction”. So I didn’t particularly find fault, rather I chose a direction.

Also, this tool well complements the subscriptions and likes that are already familiar to me. Whatever activity the user pays more attention to, you will definitely catch his eye.

As always, when a new tool appears, the most delicious cream is removed by those who started using it first. Therefore, I already advised my friends to try masslooking as soon as possible in order to grab more subscribers. Especially considering that Tuligram added this tool for free, my tests did not cost me anything, but they gave a very good result – I still continue my experiment!

Author: Viktor Lapushkin, Tooligram user