SEO promotion with photographs. A brief synopsis

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Last year, on the 29th of July my master class on the topic «SEO promotion with photographs» took place in Kharkiv photo school «The Art of Digital Photography». I have received a lot of positive feedbacks. I believe that one of the indicators of successful and interesting speech is a lot of questions after it. For those who could not attend it or have not looked online broadcast, I can suggest to learn the basic theses of the speech.

  1. What is SEO?
  2. Factors that influence the position of your website in SERP.

Here are the main factors related to the site in general, and particularly those that are important for the photos. For example:

  • obligatory use of keywords in the picture title, as well as the surrounding text;
  • internal linking (size transfer of promoted photos (PR) from the other page of your site);
  • correct usage of attributes (alt, title) tag <IMG>;
  • setting the Robots.txt (permission to index pictures on the site);
  • setting the Sitemap.xml (creation of a separate site map for images);
  • setting User Friendly URL (picture link should be read by users, should contain keywords);
  • download speed of the site (reduce pictures size for site to load quicker in the browser, thereby we improve behavioral factors);
  • build external reference mass: PR for Google (creation of viral images, which would like to be referred to by other resources);
  • monitor the behavior of users on the site with the help of any analytical systems (Google Analytics).
  1. Types of duplicates in the Internet

Absolute duplicates: no difference. Arranged in pile, where above is shown a picture of a large size.

Tumblr duplicates differ only in size. Used on sites of art galleries, where small pictures are used for fast loading of the site, by pressing on which opens a full-sized picture.

Semi-duplicates: minor color correction, cropping, frame, translucent inscription on the photo.

Advanced Semi-duplicates: strong color correction, image fragments, a strong change in the proportions (such as fake pictures).

  1. How do search engines index images?
  2. Promotion of a web resource with photos.

Fill attributes alt. It is read by the SE, it also can be seen on the site at the disconnected graphics. It is an important attribute for visually impaired people, who with the help of the program will be able to hear the playback of the text that is shown in the picture.

Fill attributes title. The title of the picture appears when you hover over it.

Use the caption to the photo. You also can launch a competition for the most original caption to the picture.

In the file name, as well as in all previous paragraphs you need to use keywords (keep in mind pessimization for spamming).

For web it is better to use 3 different graphic formats: JPEG, GIF and PNG.

  1. Geocoding of images.

Used while promoting the touristic sites, as well as all the photos that are geo- binded. For example, when you need to upload pictures of your office to the site (directions how to reach the office). Works fine for local business.

Ways of geocoding

  • Upload the photo on the photo sharing site, such as Panoramio, Picasa, Flickr and manually fill in geographic coordinates.
  • Geographic coordinates filled in the EXIF data of the photo. You can either use the camera (phone) with GPS, or fill in the latitude and longitude of where the photos were taken with the help of programs like Zoner Photo Studio.
  • Use the site map for images where the geographic coordinates will be filled in: town and country, for example.
  1. Examples of successful promotion with photos.

I have given an example from personal experience, of site promotion of domestic tourism.