Recommendations for working with niche and blog directories when promoting abroad

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    Working with niche and blog directories is one of the oldest methods of promotion in search engines (PS). And if earlier all this was done automatically (with the help of software, for example, Khrumer), now it is contraindicated, because you can grab a filter or spam from a PS. Those. Now it is desirable to do everything by hand as much as possible.

    работа с нишевыми и блоговыми директориями

    Directories are directories of sites. Yandex.Catalog and Dmoz are closed, so now it is impossible to say 100% in which directory it is necessary to be placed. Therefore, for proper placement in the directory, you should adhere to the following rules:

    • niche (the scope of your business) and blog (if you blog on the site) directories should be similar to your site in terms of subject matter;
    • it is desirable to take into account regionality (your site is a category in the directory, or the directory itself);
    • describe your site as fully as possible (without overspam with keywords) and follow the rules for placement in each specific directory, fill in all the required fields.

    Niche directories

    Niche directories are analogues of directories. They are both paid and free. But since registration on such resources is used only to dilute the link mass of the site, it is not necessary to place it for a fee.

    True, with the free method, adding a site can take from 2 weeks to several months.

    When registering a site in niche directories, you must leave only non-anchor links.

    Anchorless links are links with an anchor, the text in which is not a specific request, but arbitrary words that do not indicate the subject of the page. These can be instructions like: website, here, visit website, etc. Or non-anchor links are containing the page address in the text part. They have the most natural look:

    Anchor in the form of url –

    It is also important to know that some niche directories require a backlink, i.e. only after you place a link to the directory on your site, a link to your site will appear in the directory. Such niche directories are NOT WORTH WORKING!

    It must be remembered that almost every time after registration you need to check your mail, because if necessary, you will need to confirm your mail.

    How to search for niche directories?

    In the Google search bar we are looking for:

    • niche directories
    • free niche directories
    • paid niche directories
    • list of niche directories

    It is also important to search for the keyword of your site subject or its direction.

    For example:

    Web design + directories list

    For example, we search in (USA) for the following key phrases + directories list:

    • web development company
    • internet solutions
    • website design and marketing
    • web developer company
    • web development and design
    • creative web design and development
    • web creation
    • website design service company

    There is another way – you need to substitute key phrases:

    • {keyword} inurl:resources
    • {keyword} inurl:catalog
    • {keyword} inurl:list

    Commentary: The link will take you to a number of sites where you can register.

    Niche directory registration example

    1. In almost every directory for adding a resource there is a “Submit your web site” (usually in the menu or sidebar).

    работа с нишевыми и блоговыми директориями 1

    1. Category selection.
      работа с нишевыми и блоговыми директориями 2
    2. Adding method.

    At this step, you should pay attention that there are two ways to add a link: paid (accelerated) and free.
    работа с нишевыми и блоговыми директориями 3

    Next, you need to fill in the fields according to the data that are indicated at the beginning of the document. And also most likely it will be necessary to enter the captcha and tick the box that you agree with the rules.

    Sometimes it is necessary to enter the address of the enterprise and contact phone numbers.

    работа с нишевыми и блоговыми директориями 4

    Filling in the required fields


    When all stages of registration are completed, you need to check your mail. Almost every time there will be letters asking you to confirm your mail.

    Blog directories

    Search blog directories

    1. Use special search queries in your search:
    • blog directories list
    • topic name + blog directory
    1. Use a ready-made list provided by an SEO specialist.


    1. Pay special attention to blog directories that are related to your site. If you are a web developer, then it will be: web design, web development, internet marketing, mobile application development, etc.
    2. I advise you to register and post only on reputable sites. The authority of a resource is determined by the trust of the site, which consists of an indicator of assessing the quality of internal and external link mass. Trust can be checked using the SemRush, Majestic MOZ services – the higher these indicators, the better the resource.
    3. I also recommend avoiding sites that require backlinks.
    4. There are sites where, if you want to place a backlink, you need to directly contact the owner of the directory. To do this, you need to find the contact page and the corresponding form. When contacting the owner of the site, you should address it as briefly as possible, avoid personal appeals and long arguments: I offer this, I want this in return.

    Blog Directory Registration Example

    The principle of registration is no different from adding a site to niche directories.

    First of all, you need to find a page with the signature “Submit” and proceed to select the category of the site being registered.

    работа с нишевыми и блоговыми директориями 5Next, you need to select the appropriate category. In this case, it is “Web Development”.
    работа с нишевыми и блоговыми директориями 6After that, you need to choose the registration method – paid or free. I always recommend to use free registration first of all, if it is available in this directory. If the site appeals to you, but it does not provide free registration, then you can choose the most convenient payment method, and then transfer the required amount to the desired account.
    работа с нишевыми и блоговыми директориями 7Next, you need to fill in all the required fields. Do not forget that you must always agree with all the rules of the directory, otherwise there will be no final stage of registration.
    работа с нишевыми и блоговыми директориями 8After filling in the fields, a message should appear that the link is under consideration. Some resources require pre-registration, only after that you can add your site to the directory database. It is worth noting that you need to regularly check the mail that you specify during registration, because. a confirmation letter and a mandatory link may be sent there.
    работа с нишевыми и блоговыми директориями 9You need to understand that registration and correct filling of all forms does not guarantee the publication of your resource. When adding a site for free, the administration of the directory reserves the right to consider your application and refuse to publish it.

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