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    Actually, the title indicates the main function of the site ADinBLOG.ru, it remains only to add that the service positions itself for those users who want to buy ads from Instagram bloggers. Most of the functions of the site are aimed at making the process of choosing such a blogger as efficient as possible.


    Тарифы сервиса adinblog

    There are three tariffs on the site: Blogger, Agency and Business.

    The junior tariff does not allow searching by accounts, the senior tariffs are the same in terms of functionality, they differ only in the limits for searching and checking accounts.

    The site also has a system of tokens: one token allows you to pay for 1 full account analysis. A certain number of tokens are included in each of the tariffs, additional tokens can be purchased at a price of 50 to 70 rubles, depending on the tariff.

    While the site has discounts and all tariffs are sold at half price. There is also a 2-day free trial access with full functionality.

    What features of ADinBLOG do users get for this money?

    1. Account search

    A huge advantage of ADinBLOG is their database of bloggers: it contains almost all Russian accounts with more than 20 thousand subscribers, and regional ones with more than 10 thousand subscribers.

    At the time of publication, there are already more than 55,000 such accounts. Moreover, all accounts are manually distributed into 62 headings, regionality and gender characteristics are known about each account.

    1. Account statistics

    When you have found the account you need, you can see its statistics for the last months:

    Обзор adinblog

    The statistics show the current and past readings of followings, subscribers, posts and ER.

    In this form, the statistics contain exactly the data that can be seen on the counters on Instagram itself, but after buying an account analysis, really interesting data opens up:

    1. Account analysis

    Анализ сервиса adinblog

    One of the most important functions of the analysis is checking for bots. ADinBLOG, unlike all similar services, can find bots not by formal signs (such as a large number of subscriptions), but by real behavior and uses the unique FakeLikeInfo technology.

    When a user accesses the results of the analysis, he can see the real indicators of the number of likes, ER and the recommended cost of advertising in this account, which is based on the prices that bloggers have today, but taking into account the number of cheats in the account and the number of Russian subscribers.

    Анализ подписчиков adinblog

    The analysis also includes the parameters of the blogger’s active audience.

    Why focus on the active audience?

    An active audience is people who react to the blogger’s posts, because subscribers and active subscribers can have very different indicators, especially those associated with the widespread practice of cheating accounts.

    So, in the analysis there are the following points:

    • The number of bots in the account.
    • Gender characteristics (moreover, there is a section “Unknown gender”, it turned out that about 40% of Instagram accounts represent organizations, communities or their content is such that it is impossible to say for sure about gender).
    • Regionality of account subscribers.
    • Subscriber language.

    As well as for reference, other parameters are given, one of which is worth paying attention to: “Accessibility”. This parameter indicates how many accounts followers are subscribed to.

    Accounts that are subscribed to 1000 or more blogs are considered hard-to-reach, while accounts that are subscribed to more than 2000 blogs are considered inaccessible.

    Most analytics services believe that such followers cannot see your posts and classify them as bots, however, as various tests show, they can still see and respond to the publications of some of the accounts they follow.

    1. TOP Instagram accounts

    Since the ADinBLOG database contains almost all Instagram accounts in Russia, the site maintains the TOP of these accounts, broken down by headings and cities.

    This section of the site is available even to unregistered users and allows you not only to evaluate the parameters of TOP bloggers, but also to see the best accounts in those sections in which you work, to evaluate the methods and techniques by which the administrators of these accounts have achieved such success.

    Having considered all the possibilities of the site, it becomes clear that for SMM specialists it will replace all other services of analytics, statistics and advertising exchanges, with the exception of those who are interested in micro-influencers.

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