Review of AdSpoiler – a service for advertising analytics in groups on VKontakte

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Marketers, SMMs and group administrators have come across advertising placements in public more than once. Previously, you had to sit with a calculator and calculate the cost per subscriber (CPA), manually cross them to find out the number of subscriptions.

A couple of hours were spent collecting statistics for one public, and if there were several advertisements, then it was almost impossible to calculate the data.

AdSpoiler is a service that automatically collects and calculates the effectiveness of advertising placements in VK groups, shows the statistics of your group and competitors.

Key features:

  • Public audience statistics (activity, age, geo, gender);
  • Tracking the effectiveness and advertising creatives of competitors;
  • Tracking current trends;
  • Showing the best time to publish an advertisement;
  • Uploading user ids for retargeting.

Where to start dating?

To get started, go to the site – You will see the service landing page:

стартовая страница сервиса

service start page

On the top right there is a button “Enter the service”, click it. Authorization takes place in one click, through the VK profile.

This is what AdSpoiler looks like from the inside:

Открыт раздел «Аналитика», вкладка «Площадки»

The “Analytics” section, the “Platforms” tab is open

The service is simple in design: on the right are the main sections, on the left are tables of groups and publications. Also in the service there is a dark and light theme.

If you are a beginner, then it is better to go to the “Training” section, which is located in the left sidebar.

обучение в AdSpoiler

Before starting, watch two video reviews. In them, the founder of the service, Anton Velichko, will tell you how to navigate the interface, search for sites, identify competitors, and explain the principle of working with basic metrics.

How is advertising effectiveness measured?

Public advertising is calculated using two algorithms: Intersection and AdSpoiler (developed by the service team).

Algorithm “Intersection”

Every 3 minutes, Adspoiler scans publics and looks for advertising posts. When the service sees an ad, it captures the subscribers of the group that bought the ad. Once an hour, the number of subscribers is scanned. If new users have subscribed to the public, then they are recorded in the table. Statistics are collected 24 hours (the period of activity of an advertising post.

Algorithm “AdSpoiler”

AdSpoiler counts only unique users from a site group. It filters out those who are subscribed to several publics with active advertising.

Prices and tariffs

Before buying a tariff, the service gives a trial premium access for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, you can buy the following tariffs:

  • Base. You can only view statistics for your group. This option is suitable for beginners.
  • Premium. All the functionality of the service is available: choose advertising platforms, follow the statistics of competitors, upload a list of user ids.
  • Business. Hides the statistics of the group, it is possible to connect several accounts, develop and implement functions in the service according to the needs of the client.

Subscription terms: 1 day, 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year.

The longer the subscription period, the lower the price. For example, an annual subscription to the Premium plan costs 2 times cheaper than a separate purchase for 12 months.

In the VK service group there are promotions and discounts. The team is giving away free premium access and promo codes.


  • Shows competitor ads (and their effectiveness)
  • Gives examples of strong promotional posts;
  • Unloads user ids for the target;
  • Shows the best advertising platforms;
  • Automatically tracks publics that place ads;
  • Fast and responsive technical support.


  • Doesn’t track closed groups;
  • Doesn’t work with targeted ads;
  • Does not see the effectiveness of transitions to external resources (websites, landing pages, etc.)

What do we end up with?

AdSpoiler is an effective tool for those who promote communities on VK. It is useful for group administrators, SMMs, affiliates and small digital agencies.