Overview of the service for promoting an account on Instagram InstaSkill (closed, but there are analogues)

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To date, Instagram has won the attention of a multi-million audience. People post photos from events, selfies, news, and just products for sale. And everyone has one goal – to get as many likes and subscribers as possible! The more popular you are, the more followers you have.

It would seem that post unique photos, shoot stories, go online and everything will be ok. But to collect 100-200k subscribers with one posting will not work. Promoted accounts resort to cheating comments on Instagram automatically through special services or programs.

Today we will talk about a service that promises to promote an account on Instagram in an accessible, simple and powerful way! Meet instaskill.

сервис для продвижения аккаунта в Instagram InstaSkill

Let’s start with the main question – how much does promotion cost? The developers of this service are not too original. Like many other programs, InstaSkill offers 3 free days. In order to try and understand all the functions. Next, they offer to choose a package with a set of services: promotion, mailing in direct or working with comments. The cost of each package is 790 rubles/month.

цена на Instakill

Benefits of the InstaSkill service

  1. Like promotion:
  • by two hashtag options (who posted this hashtag and who liked this hashtag);
  • by competitors’ subscribers;
  • on your own target list.
  1. Subscription promotion:
  • on competitors’ subscribers;
  • subscription only to active ones;
  • subscription by hashtags (2 options: who posted this hashtag and who liked this hashtag);
  • subscription to the target database
  1. Unsubscribe:
  • unsubscribe according to the schedule;
  • unsubscribing only from those to whom the service subscribed;
  • from all subscriptions.
  1. Promotion by comments.
  2. Delayed posting.
  3. Unlimited number of accounts.
  4. Setting up geotagging.
  5. Setting up a personal account.
  6. Adding and deleting posts.
  7. Direct tracking via PC.
  8. Language selection (6 languages).
  9. Setting filters by age and gender category.
  10. Choice of advance speed.
  11. Prompt online help.

задание в Instakill

Additional features of InstaSkill

If its standard features InstaSkill does not differ from many programs, then in the “other services” section there are a lot of unique options!

  • Promotion by manager – 2150 rubles / 1 account
  • Creation of installation – 1990 rubles
  • Setting up targeted advertising – 2390 rubles
  • Cheat subscribers (bots) – 349 rubles / 1000 subscribers
  • Cheat likes under the photo – 299 rubles / 1000 likes
  • Cheat video views – 50 rubles / 100 views

дополнительные услуги instakill

Disadvantages of the InstaSkill service

InstaSkill is another copy of programs for promoting an account on Instagram, which have the same interface and features.

Of the minuses can be identified:

  • No smilies.
  • When creating a promo, you automatically subscribe, like and comment. These features must be disabled after the task is created.
  • Can’t post videos.
  • Sometimes it gives errors.

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Let’s summarize. Only additional services can surprise an experienced SMM specialist. The main set of functions is not unique and inconvenient to use. But for a novice user, this is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the world of promotion on Instagram.