How a marketer should look for services for work: an overview of Otzyvmarketing

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    “Google to the rescue” is the most common captain’s advice for marketers looking for answers to endless questions from the “how to do it” folder. How to get followers on instagram without getting banned? How to organize call tracking on the site? How to implement an accounting service?

    Only Google will not help for two reasons.

    First: the formation of the issuance

    No one particularly checks the relevance, semantic load and, moreover, the veracity of the information that can be found on request. And most often, copywriting materials written “specially for the top” do not contain applied information at all.

    Second: semantics

    It’s good to look for what you know. When you understand for sure that you need an overview of end-to-end analytics systems. And if you have no idea what it’s called, but you just need to solve the problem? In theory, search engines take everything into account. And hypothetically, you can get the correct answer to the request. But not always.

    All marketing services in one place

    Otzyvmarketing was created three years ago as a platform for reviewing, comparing and analyzing the digital services of a marketer, entrepreneur or web analyst.

    The main objective of the resource is to bring together useful information about new technological capabilities, tools and applications that help to achieve the main goal of the business – to make a profit faster and more efficiently. Maximum. With minimal time, nerves and effort.

    Because marketing is not about guessing whether a creative idea will work or not. Not mindless enumeration of possibilities. And for a long time already not a light classic from Kotler’s textbook.

    Well, (whispers) because marketers are not born experienced and educated. They learn, develop, learn something new every day. And it’s good if this knowledge doesn’t have to be collected bit by bit from the remote corners of the Internet (again, time, effort, nerves), you don’t have to pay for it with money, reputation and personal mistakes.

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    Ideally, when everything is collected in one place:

    • Feedback from real users, and not just ceremonial advertising “barkers”.
    • Collections of technological services by category, by application, by country of possible application.
    • Surveys of innovative products. With the help of a banal “Google” it is completely impossible to find them – they are new.
    • 50 categories, more than a thousand services to solve any marketing tasks.

    So far, two points separate from this ideal:

    • insufficiently perfect interface (but they promised to improve it),
    • the comparative youth of the resource, and this also passes with age.

    The most important thing is a “living organism”, where you can find an honest review of the realities of using marketing tools, learn about what was expensive and inefficient, or vice versa, almost for free, but priceless in terms of performance and conversion.

    отзыв пользователя

    Read comparative analyzes of various market offers, quickly choose the best one based on your own applicability considerations, and save yourself the most precious business resources – time and money.

    I do not believe

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    If you don’t believe reviews and reviews, then, as colleagues assure, you can always go to the platform yourself, leave reviews about your favorite and hated services, and, if you wish, write material to the editors of Otzyvmarketing with your point of view on the market and all these marketing excesses.

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