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I have been actively engaged in promotion on Instagram for a long time and now I decided to share one useful “chip”. For beginners, at the first “googling” of this topic, unfortunate experts naturally begin to appear in the search results, talking about the same things, but in different words. But surprisingly, in many articles the same idea can be traced: “You need to use services to promote Instagram accounts.” I have already done reviews of many such programs before, and in today’s article we will talk about Podpisota.

General impression of the service

Getting to the main page, it immediately becomes clear that the developers have clearly tried. At least with the design 🙂

Эффективное продвижение в Instagram c Podpisota

There are no catchy colors that almost make your eyes watery, constantly falling out unnecessary prompts and pop-ups that developers still include in their sites for no reason at all. In general, if design is important to you, because The functionality of all such services is similar, then you will definitely like the service. Just follow the link and look around for yourself – podpisota.

The guys in tech support are very polite and sociable. They don’t look like standard call-center specialists, answering like robots without a single dose of humor. If necessary, they can even connect to your computer remotely and help you make the first settings (there is not always time for this, but if you are weak in technology, then of course you should ask for help). In general, they communicate like in a regular messenger with a long-term partner – they tell everything in the most human language, but they don’t go too far.

I would also like to separately note the service blog. Of course, they release articles very rarely, but each of them is most useful for people who want to promote their Instagram account. I won’t focus on it for a long time, whoever is interested will read it.

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Operation and functions

Naturally, such services need to earn and recoup all the costs of maintaining and updating, which, according to rumors, are not small. The good news is that the guys provide the opportunity for a week of free testing of all the functions of their service. This is at least worthy of respect, because it immediately becomes clear that their task is not only to earn money, but also to make their service as understandable and working as possible, which is clearly demonstrated. By the way, their subscription prices are among the lowest on the market.

Обзор сервиса podpisota

In terms of functionality, the service is almost as good as its competitors, and given that they started their journey not so long ago, they will soon be able to be at the top. A huge advantage can be considered that it works through a special program that can be installed on any Windows without any problems. It works as follows: you enter your data to enter Instagram, set the desired task on the site, press the start button. She works like a real person, i.e. Instagram thinks that you do all the actions yourself, so you don’t even have to think about blocking, the main thing is to comply with the established limits.

отзыв о сервисе podpisota

Work with subscriptions and unsubscribes, mass likes and automatic commenting on a post is very conveniently organized. In general, you can also not focus on this for a long time. They were able to fit all the information on installation, configuration and initial operation of their program into one short video.

If after viewing you still have some questions (I personally had them), you can safely write to the technical support chat.

In general, I can safely recommend this service to both novice instablogers and experienced masters of this business. The main thing you need to understand is that with the help of the service, although you can get a lot of unique subscribers, in order to keep them, you first need unique and interesting content. Therefore, good luck, creativity and success to everyone.