Overview of the service for holding promotions and the countdown counter – proTimer

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Do you use promotions and special offers? This is one of the most popular tools for increasing sales in online business.

They are everywhere: special bonuses for new customers, seasonal discounts, holiday promotions, discounts for those who come to you for the first time, etc.

And proTimer is just the tool that helps to carry out such promotions technically and visually.

Product page: proTimer.

But why use a proTimer when you can do without it?

Here is a list of benefits when using this product:

  • The ability to put a countdown timer on the site.
  • Ability to put a timer in the letter. It will realistically work (count all the time while reading the letter without stopping (5+ minutes), and not for 1 minute like most timers that make the action look like a fake.
  • 15+ beautiful and modern timer designs, one of which will definitely fit perfectly into the design of your website or email. Supporting HD/Retina Displays:

 Обзор proТаймер

  • Special features for each type of promotion (for example, the ability to count for each visitor according to his local time, etc.).
  • The ability to display the end date of the promotion in text anywhere on the page, even for automatic promotions in which the end date is different for each visitor.
  • Automatic activation / deactivation of the promotion (you can remove all mention of the promotion when it has passed, you do not need to do it manually).
  • Choice of arbitrary size, color and language.
  • Automatic resizing on mobile devices. That is, set a timer on the desktop version of the site and it will immediately display correctly on mobile.
  • Ability to choose what to show on the timer. For example, for a promotion lasting 5 hours, you can turn off the display of days. You can also turn on the display of milliseconds, this will create the effect that time flows very quickly and it is not enough:

proТаймер таймер

Convenience is good, but even more important is the ability to set the conditions for the promotion you need. These are the ones supported by this countdown counter.

Stock Options

Promotion until a certain date

This is the easiest option. Examples: holiday promotions (New Year’s Eve, etc.), seasonal sales, product launch promotions, your birthday promotions, and just like that.

For holidays and major events, there is a calendar inside the product that shows the upcoming ones, which you can use as an occasion for your promotions:

Обзор сервиса proТаймер

Chip: if your customers are not in one city, but in many, there is an opportunity to show the end date in the visitor’s local time. In this case, you can tell them that the promotion will last until 12 noon local time, which will help avoid confusion with the transfer to Moscow time:

Акции proТаймер

Cyclical promotion

These are automatic promotions that start and end on a schedule. Some people use them to make it look like they have a real promotion to new visitors, when it actually restarts every day.

More fair use: for promotions on weekends (or vice versa, on weekdays) and for nightly discounts.

It is easy to set up: choose the days of the week for the start of the promotion and the time. You can also show the completion date for each visitor in their local time:

Сервис proТаймер цикл

Since visiting the page

This is a fairly popular type of shares. The promotion starts from the moment the user visits your landing page for the first time.

proТаймер сервис акция

The idea is to motivate new visitors to take the desired action. There is also a minus – if you change the IP address and the browser at the same time, the time will start counting again (it’s easy to “hack”).

An example of such a promotion: a discount for purchases within the first 24 hours after visiting the page. Or a 2-hour discount on the 2nd product, after purchasing the first one.

To improve the realism of the action, it can be completed at a certain time of the day. For example 12 o’clock at night. Because if the visitor sees that the promotion lasts even time or ends at the wrong time, he may understand that such a promotion can be reset.

This will help your promotion look like a manual rather than automatic promotion, which will increase interest in it.

And if you want to make it even more realistic, add a text version of the end date of the promotion on the page (for example, the line “Promotion ends on j F at H:i UTC” will become “Promotion ends on October 4 at 23:59 UTC.” (with the correct date for that particular visitor).

From the opening of the letter

This is a more interesting version of the promotion “from the opening of the page”, if, of course, you have a subscriber base. The advantage is that the promotion will start as soon as the client finds out about it in the letter, which motivates him to go to your site. In addition, you can specify exactly how long the promotion will end right in the letter (and if the timer counted from the opening of the site, then the visitor could simply not go to your site and the time you specified would become erroneous).

proТаймер акции

The downside is that some mail programs download emails as they arrive. In this case, the action will start from the moment the letter is downloaded by the program, and not opened. Be prepared for this.

From subscription date

This is a very interesting type of stock. If it does not start immediately after the subscription, but after a while, it will be difficult to hack.

proТаймер обзор подписка

This type of countdown can be used for promotions:

  • For new subscribers. They usually get bonuses for signing up anyway. Why not add a promotion with a time limit, such as offering a discount on popular products or a purchase of a certain amount.
  • After completing the mini-course. For paid courses, the first few lessons or a mini version are often made free. Offer a temporary discount on the full version to those who completed the entire free version.
  • After registering for a trial version of your product. You will already be sending them emails to help them figure out your product and offer to buy it. Add a time limit to increase efficiency.
  • When you refuse to buy something in the series. If a person bought – you remove him from the series, if not, he remains and he is given a special offer.
Chip: if you make a promotion not from the first day after subscribing, then the promotion will not be able to be quickly “hacked”. For example, if it is from the 5th to the 7th day after the subscription, then, having missed the promotion, a person will have to re-subscribe to another email and wait 5 days to see it again.

The following mailing services are currently supported:

proТаймер сервисы рассылки

This is only for this type of countdown, a timer can be inserted into a letter in almost any mailing service.

What happens when the promotion is over?

When the promotion has passed, you need to show it on the page. And make the offer unusable. In proTimer, this can be achieved in different ways:

Edit Page

Pros: Easiest option. Cons: Since opening another page takes time, there is a delay.

The timer will open another page, so that the address of the page in the browser does not change. Just make 2 pages, with and without a promotion.

proТаймер обзор страница

Change links and images on the page

Plus: simple. Cons: not suitable for everyone

If your promotion is designed as a buy button with a picture with a link to the discounted version of the product, then this option is what you need.

proТаймер обзор ссылки

Change part of the page

Plus: the most flexible change. Minus: it does not work on all sites and you need to be careful with spaces.

Insert the piece of HTML code of the page that you want to replace and the piece you want to replace with. Code can be text, buttons, and other elements.

proТаймер обзор страница

Add class for elements to show and hide

Pros: The most flexible and fastest option. Cons: You need to know how to add a class to page elements.

For elements that should be shown during the promotion, add the protimer_promo class. And for those after the end of the promotion, the class protimer_nopromo. The timer will hide or show the necessary ones, depending on whether the promotion has passed or not.

Execute arbitrary JavaScript code

Plus: you can do anything. Cons: You need to be a programmer or have one handy.

When the timer is loaded and the moment when the promotion expires, the timer runs your JavaScript function and passes data there whether the promotion has expired or not. Your code does the rest.


Trial period: unlimited, but the timers will turn off every 2 hours (that is, you can try everything, but it will not work for real promotions).

The price for 1 timer starts from 41 rubles, and for an unlimited number of 199 rubles per month.

Product page: proTimer.