Overview of the service for promoting on Instagram – Funinsta

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Not a day without Instagram is the motto of every good SMM manager! Therefore, testing new services for working with Instagram is a common practice. The time has passed when it is enough to get a lot of likes under a photo to feel like a cool SMM.

Today I will tell you about another service for promoting Instagram accounts – funinsta.ru.

сервис для продвижения аккаунтов в Instagram funinsta

Benefits of Instagram Promotion Service – Funinsta

  1. Having two different packages

First, let’s talk about the undeniable advantages of the service. There are two packages: “Promotion” and “Mailing to Direct”. You can use one of them or use two at once.

In the “Promotion” package, first of all, I liked the presence of the delayed posting function along with direct promotion with subscriptions and likes. All in one package is ideal when there is a lot of work and little time. By the way, you can test the package for free for 3 days.

пакеты funinsta

  1. “Smart” promotion by subscriptions

“Smart” promotion by subscriptions – this is how I would characterize the next advantage. Why smart? Because it is very convenient and effective to use the function of subscribing to those who like the photo with the hashtag you have chosen. You can also follow the person who posted the photo with the hashtag of your choice.

By the way, if you use parsers, you can safely upload ready-made lists for further work with them.

  1. Commenting on user posts

An equally convenient function in matters of promotion is commenting on user posts. If you have never used this method, feel free to go for it. Just please don’t use clichés like “Cool!”, “Super!”, “Nice photo” or just emoticon set J

The right comments will help draw attention to your account and attract new subscribers.

  1. Having a conversion rate

Do you know what makes this service stand out from the rest? Having a conversion rate! Often you start subscriptions or likes, and you have to independently compare the growth of new subscribers in relation to subscriptions. And to track the effectiveness of a particular campaign is generally unrealistic.

Here, for each task, the conversion is calculated separately. What is it? It’s simple: the service counts the total number of touches with users (subscriptions \ likes \ comments) and correlates with the number of those who subscribed to your account in response. The service also considers the total CTR. What is considered a good conversion and what it depends on – EVERYTHING is in the training video from the developers. For which special thanks to them!

  1. “Smart” mailing in Direct

Direct mailing package. They provide 1 test day for free to evaluate the features of the package. In matters of setting up a mailing list in Direct, the developers of the service did their best. Because you can set up a mailing list according to three different lists:

  • Each new subscriber;
  • Existing subscribers;
  • Your mailing list.

In addition, the lists can be filtered by additional criteria.

When composing a message, it is possible to focus on the tips of the service and the default filled text template. By the way, you can immediately add an image to the text.

  1. Service operation monitoring

Monitoring the operation of the service is easy. The “History” tab displays all the information: to whom the messages were sent and when. So you just have to admire the work done and rejoice!

Now let’s talk about the usability of the service, as well as technical support.

  1. Educational videos

Honestly? The most important advantage of this service, I would say, is simple and understandable training videos for beginners that accompany all the functions of the service. No need to look for instructions in the admin panel, no need to search the blog every time or get technical support, you just watch the video and repeat after the author! Enormous time savings.

обучающие видео funinsta

By the way, after registration, you will automatically enter the database of FunInsta email subscribers. But it should be noted that the newsletter is not annoying, the letters are sent useful!

Disadvantages of Instagram Promotion Service – Funinsta

In fact, it’s good when there are flaws. And even better – when they are promptly eliminated. For myself, I noted the slow work of the service. That is, the data on tasks is loaded for a long time.

Also, when working with this particular service, I had to periodically confirm my account, which, of course, upset me a little.

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Well, summing up all of the above, it remains to add – the motto of the Funinsta service is “Ahead of competitors”, with which I completely agree.

Do you want to be one step ahead? Yuzay funinsta.ru.