An overview of the LiveDune service. Endless opportunities for SMM

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    Wondering how to find bloggers on Instagram? It is difficult to find a sms manager or marketer who has not encountered the LiveDune service at least once. Someone prefers to use it as an excellent platform for finding bloggers, it is convenient for someone to analyze the statistics of their accounts with it. But if we consider all the functionality as a whole, then definitely, this service has no equal.

    What do you think Livedune is? Livedune is a social media analytics service: Instagram, VKontakte and Facebook and others. It has collected the most popular tools for an SMM specialist: convenient reports, statistics, auto-posting, working with comments.

    What can the Livedune blogger search service do?

    Search for bloggers

    Search for bloggers in:

    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Youtube
    • Learn
    • In contact with
    • VKontakte (groups).

    And not just by spheres, but also by detailed criteria! Gender, geo and even ER you can set!

    Обзор сервиса LiveDune 1

    And, of course, this is not enough! Just think, we found bloggers from the niche we need. We need to know what kind of audience Livedune bloggers have: how many bots there are and what kind of engagement. Not with your hands to study 20 or more thousand subscribers?

    And here Livedune provides complete statistics on bloggers. (but not for all, by the way! But for those that are in the service database).

    For bloggers from Instagram, this statistic looks like this

    Обзор сервиса LiveDune 2

    Обзор сервиса LiveDune 3

    The screenshot shows the characteristics of Selena Gomez subscribers 🙂

    And this is not all the characteristics that you can study.

    Обзор сервиса LiveDune 4

    Statistics can be downloaded in a convenient format, for example in pdf.

    Обзор сервиса LiveDune 5

    There is also an option to check bloggers, which is very convenient.

    The service is paid separately from the general tariff

    Обзор сервиса LiveDune 6

    Almost every one of us sooner or later has a problem with the selection of hashtags for posting. It goes without saying that picking hashtags at random is completely unprofessional. In order not to manually search for Instagram bloggers, use the LiveDune service. Just add the tags you are interested in and get full statistics on their popularity on the web.

    Обзор сервиса LiveDune 7

    But that’s not all!

    The service has many useful tools.

    For example, do you need to find viral content in order to apply all the chips in your strategy?

    We go to the post search section, enter a phrase or word, search!

    Обзор сервиса LiveDune 8

    Accounts can be compared with each other.

    For example, you maintain two accounts for one project and you need to compare the dynamics of subscriber growth and engagement.

    Обзор сервиса LiveDune 9

    It is possible to quickly search for users and tags on Instagram.

    The LiveDune Club tab has been added separately (registration as a blogger in the database).

    Of course, the main advantages of the service are two:

    • Informative analytics for Instagram profiles
    • Huge database and blogger filtering


    Analytics for Instagram profiles

    On the console, in addition to standard metrics, you can find the Stories tab and mentions. With stories everything is understood – statistics on your stories in one place.

    And the “mentions” tab allows you to collect in one place all the posts where your profile was mentioned with an active link.

    And quite recently, the “engagement” metric has appeared!

    Обзор сервиса LiveDune 10


    In our opinion, this is an incredibly useful option. Here you can track not only the general indicators for the profile. But also to see exactly how users interact with your individual content.

    Instagram comment tracking

    For example, the screenshot shows at what time users most actively interact with a post: they like and comment on it.

    Обзор сервиса LiveDune 11

    Of course, there is everyone’s favorite ER, and the growth of indicators in the charts, there is a TOP in likes and comments.

    The service even determines your place in the overall rating of accounts. Of course, the figure turns out to be horrendous, given how many accounts there are in the database.

    Tariffs or price of Livedune

    In fact, this service cannot be called budget. But if you work in an agency and are closely involved in projects, in order to save time and for the accuracy of statistics analysis, LiveDune is what you need!

    Note. The service has free functionality! You can view the ratings of bloggers according to several criteria:

    • City rating.
    • Thematic ratings.
    • General ratings.
    • Country rankings.

    Checking bloggers for cheats on Instagram

    Also in the free version, the service offers to check the account for cheating.

    Обзор сервиса LiveDune 12

    This service performs such an analysis for free!

    Обзор сервиса LiveDune 13

    Paid tariffs

    • Blogger – pays from 300 rubles
    • Business (for 5 accounts) – from 2 thousand rubles
    • Agency (unlimited number of accounts) – 9500 rubles

    Обзор сервиса LiveDune 14

    Immediately after registration, a test period is given – 3 days. If you pay the tariff before the end of the test period, you will receive a -10% discount.

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