Tehzadator – a system for the automatic generation of terms of reference for SEO copywriters

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Imagine the situation – you have an almost finished website in your hands: the design is drawn and, subsequently, made up, the engine has already been installed on the hosting purchased in advance and the necessary NS servers have been registered to the domain. It seems that everything is fine, but something is missing … What? That’s right, not enough content!

In search of a solution to the content problem, you will probably come across such a concept as a “semantic core” (SC), find out what it is, and even compose it yourself (or with someone else’s help). However, even without SEO, you will have to decide on the subject of your site and compile a rough list of keywords that most closely match the topic of your business and meet the interests of your potential customers.

Having decided on what keywords will be on your site and how many articles you need in total, you move on to the next stage – drawing up a technical task (TOR) for copywriters who will write content for you. If you don’t know what TK is or you’re just too lazy to write it for each article, then special services come to the rescue for compiling technical specifications.

In this article, we will tell you how to quickly and inexpensively generate a terms of reference for copywriters using one such service called “Technical assignment”.

After going to the site of the “Technical Tasker” and authorization in it, the form for generating TK will look like this:

форма для генерации ТЗ

Let’s insert keywords from our semantic core into the form. Let, for example, we need to write content on the main page of the site of a service station that deals with glass tinting.

ключевые слова

All that remains for us now is to click on the “Prepare TK” button and wait for the service to issue it. In the screenshot below, we just see a ready-made technical task, which can either be left as it is or edited.

4 blocks are available for editing, each of which we will describe below.

Block A

характеристики текста

This is perhaps the most important block in the entire terms of reference, which determines how the entire text will look. Each item here can be edited by clicking on the pencil icon. If you are not satisfied with the number of characters, subtitles or images, all this can be changed in one click. You can also cross out where exactly you need to use the main keyword and indicate whether you need to use lists.

Block B

редактор ключевых слов

Here a direct instruction is given to the copywriter how many occurrences of the keyword should be made in the text. If you think that the service is clearly wrong, then using the editing function, you can add or remove keywords from the list, as well as change the number of occurrences.

Block C

релевантные ключевые слова

A list of desirable, but not mandatory, keywords that the “Tekhzadator” recommends using in the text. Here, just like in the previous paragraph, you can edit the list by adding or removing certain keywords. In our opinion, this service has formed quite relevant keywords for the topic “car tinting”, so if it were not a test task, but a real one, they could well be used in the article.

Block D

инструкции для копирайтера

The main purpose of the last block is to give more precise instructions for the copywriter to write the text. Write there everything you need to get the content you dreamed of at the end. But the field itself is optional. If you have nothing to add, you can leave the field blank.

In the same block, a generated link to the TK itself is given, which will need to be sent to the copywriter or a link to a PDF file with the same terms of reference.

However, if you don’t have the copywriter’s contacts at hand, by clicking on the “Order” button, you will be redirected to the website of the “TextBroker” partner content exchange, where you can create a task for a freelancer with a ready-made TOR, which will be imported from the “Tehzadator”.

Summing up, we will briefly describe the advantages of this service for the site owner:

  • Fast formation of TK (usually, no more than a minute);
  • Automatic addition of tasks to the exchange of copywriters;
  • Powerful search results analysis to generate a relevant list of keywords;
  • Calculation of the optimal number of characters for each article to save you money;
  • Ease of use;
  • The cost of generating one TK is 4 rubles.

Of course, we are not in the right to decide whether you need to use this service or not, but, as you can see, working with the “Techzadator” is not only convenient, but also quite cheap. And the final choice is always yours!