Review of the game Web Tycoon – a simulator of a manager, a businessman and a web developer combined

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    Web Tycoon is a free multiplayer economic strategy game where you can try yourself as a web developer, plunging into the world of web technologies. The game starts at the time of the birth of the Internet and realistically leads the player to our days, so the resemblance to real business processes is maximum.

    Why is the game worth trying?

    • It doesn’t take much time. You can log in several times a day for 5 minutes, this is enough to switch attention and maintain the level of the game. Not all the same in instagram to sit!
    • The game is free, you can play both in the browser and download the application for iOS or Android.
    • Simulates the work of a manager and marketer, immerses in the reality of web business.
    • Relaxes. To people in the profession, this may seem strange because of the previous point. But believe me, despite the realism of the game, it is much easier to keep everything under control and enjoy it. It will never be superfluous to cheer yourself up by going into the game, where, unlike life, everything is simple and clear.
    • Community. In the game you can chat with people with similar interests.

    Beginning of the game

    The game begins with the dawn of the Internet. Each player creates his first site. He comes up with a theme and chooses a domain name for the site, determines the type of his project and chooses a management system. Everything is like in real life. The theme of the site can be anything: sports, fashion, celebrities, food, music, and even sites for adults. Here you can roam and realize the most daring ideas. The number of sites for one player is not limited. How many of them should be – you decide, depending on your strategy.

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    Team Recruitment

    After the site is created, you need to recruit a team for its development and subsequent improvement. This is where our managerial qualities come into play. When recruiting employees, you need to determine for yourself a strategy for distributing tasks. Whether it is worth hiring ready-made multi-specialists or taking juniors and teaching them from scratch is up to you.

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    Each member of the team has their own card, where you can see their current skills, energy level and job status.

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    With the help of cards, you can manage employees, send them to training, and also buy gadgets for improving skills that improve their performance.

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    Site control panel

    In the site control panel, you can find all the statistical and technical indicators of the site.

    Here you can assign employees to tasks. To release a new version of the site, you need to upgrade three indicators: layout, design and programming. The fourth indicator is content. Marketers, it’s your time! This indicator does not affect the version of the site, but it directly affects the conversion and profit. On the site card, you can view user comments and, focusing on their “Wishlist”, build your content plan.

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    As in a real job as a manager, you need to monitor conversions and profits. Promptly respond to falling indicators to maintain positions in the overall ranking. You can install ads on the site, it will bring you profit. But be careful: each ad has a different level of intrusiveness and, if used ineptly, can scare users away. Your task is to make the site attractive to users, then it has a chance to get into the top rankings.

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    The main motivation in this game, as in life, is to get into the top ratings. Ratings are compiled for each era separately, so the competition is fair. You can focus on different indicators. Depending on what is closer to you in spirit. You can view rankings by profitability or visits to a particular site. Compete only in a certain topic or be the best for everyone. Take the lead in the overall standings of players.

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    There is another type of motivation in the game – completing tasks for money. Tasks are of two types: competitions and contracts. In competitions, there is an opportunity to compete for the prize fund with real players, completing the task of the competition faster than others. For example, create the most visited site in a limited time. Contracts are more like freelance work or development studios. You need to create a site for a certain time and with the specified characteristics. If completed, the player receives a reward.

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    The game will definitely appeal to those who are already in the web industry, as you can get a little nostalgic for yourself at the very beginning of your journey. The beauty of the game is that it will also appeal to those who have nothing to do with the world of the web. There are plenty of enticing triggers that are understandable and work everywhere: no one has canceled the spirit of competition and the desire to be faster, higher and stronger! 🙂

    With a bit of a stretch, the game can be called a training tool for novice managers and marketers (remembering that this is a game whose main purpose is still fun). However, the introduction to the profession is implemented here for five. All mechanisms are simply traceable and easy to understand.

    4.8/5 - (6 votes)