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    How to increase the productivity of the workflow and optimize the quality of the daily tasks of your business related to monthly and annual scheduled reporting on taxation, accounting and management accounting? After all, global automation and tough market conditions dictate their own rules. Whether we like it or not!

    As practice shows, any modern successful business project (enterprise, organization, company, firm, etc.) uses simple, universal and profitable tools and solutions from the field of information technology in its activities.

    The 1C:Enterprise platform from 1C is a competitive IT development that includes an extensive set of standard functions with the ability to cost-effectively upgrade them if necessary. For more than two decades, this software product has been helping to effectively implement the goals and objectives of the business for which it was created.

    1C is a system that includes a number of financial and economic programs designed to automate activities in an enterprise.

    Benefits of the 1C platform

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    What are the advantages in the work of industrial, entrepreneurial and financial structures does the 1C automated system provide?

    1. The possibility of using both for small and medium-sized businesses, and for companies with large start-up capital and, accordingly, a significant staff.
    2. The presence of a widely presented functionality of the 1C platform. Additional modules are provided, as well as the possibility of finalizing the system “for the company’s own needs”. This is convenient both for companies with thousands of employees and for small private enterprises, where the execution of all labor activity depends on one person – its owner.
    3. The 1C system is open, which provides for the possibility of integration with other applications.
    4. Ensuring the continuity of the workflow through regularly updated software, as well as always up-to-date information data within the ITS.
    5. Secure data storage – just copy everything to a single file or server database.
    6. Flexible pricing. The cost of a basic package of functions or additional services, including ITS, varies depending on:
    • version of the program, the availability of a standard set of functions;
    • connection of additional modules (if necessary);
    • the ability to make changes to the needs of the company;
    • connection of ITS (regular support and maintenance of the 1C system).

    Thus, the current needs are solved, which require the elimination of the business process of your company and, accordingly, you pay for the services. So, for the needs of an emergency, the simplest basic version is suitable, and large companies will need to install additional modules or refine them – therefore, the price will differ.

    Target audience: who benefits from connecting to the 1C system?

    After analyzing the advantages and strengths of the 1C software product, we can confidently say that the target audience of this platform is not only consumers from large and medium-sized businesses. As well as small entrepreneurs, owners of private enterprises, who, quite successfully, are able to realize the current needs of their business process based on 1C: Enterprise.

    In custody

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    Summing up the presented advantages of the 1C platform, once again we focus on the key points.

    Today, 1C is not just the most widely used service platform in the field of enterprise economics and business, as a large, medium and small level. But also a well-designed and successfully implemented IT project in the field of financial, accounting and legal accounting for business structures, both public and private.

    The 1C program has a clear, simple and understandable structure. It provides for a systematic and timely update of the information and legal framework, perfectly adapts to the slightest nuances of the business processes of any organization. It also has well-established technical support for users through an extensive network of partners and franchisees, based on the principle of an individual approach to each client at a very reasonable price. It is worth noting that the platform successfully competes both on the territory of the CIS countries and abroad.

    1C is a functional, and at the same time simple and easy to use, universal and profitable solution for the effective development of your business!

    What does IT Consulting offer to its clients?

    • A full cycle of services for the selection, supply, implementation of information and technical support and maintenance of systems created on the basis of the 1C: Enterprise platform.
    • We provide the best competent solutions for your tasks, regardless of the purpose and size of your company (small, medium, large business).
    • We offer only effective innovative technologies in the field of workflow automation, contributing to even more successful development of your business model!
    • We value long-term relationships with our Clients.

    Author: Alexander Kolesnikov, Director of IT-Consulting

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