3 main principles of promotion on Instagram

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    The Instagram social network has quickly evolved from a photo-sharing platform to a commercial platform. There was a place for all types of business projects – accounts for the sale of goods and services, advertising projects and blogs. This is a natural process, given that the size of the market in Instagram, according to some estimates, amounted to 3-6 billion rubles. Against the background of the shift of the business vector to this social network, small trading platforms are becoming more popular.

    Why is Instagram so popular as a sales platform?

    To understand the reasons for increased sales on this social network, let’s turn to the dry facts of statistics:

    продвижение в Инстаграм в 2020 г

    These figures are the main reason for the popularity of the site – users are active and involved in the marketing process, which brings high conversion.

    As an additional argument, let’s look at successful trading platforms on the Instagram network:

    • A classic example that demonstrates the edge of a playground is the Portland Gear sportswear store. Without using a special promotion, the owner made $5,000 in first month sales and now has 300,000 active customers;продвижение в Инстаграм в 2020 г, пример
    • The Beaufort Bonnet Company, a children’s goods store (clothes and accessories), reported that 85% of purchases go through an Instagram account. At the same time, the coverage indicators are modest – 67 thousand active subscribers.
      продвижение в Инстаграм в 2020 г, пример 2

    All this proves that even with lower reach rates and fewer resources for a marketing campaign, the Instagram platform itself offers users extensive e-commerce opportunities. In other words, you don’t have to be a genius marketer to start selling on Instagram.

    Stages of forming a business account – from registration to the first sales

    Of course, in order to form an online store, it is necessary to go through the appropriate steps, the purpose of which is to effectively present the product to the final buyer, to arouse a desire to purchase.

    The first thing a business on a social network starts with is registering a commercial account on Instagram. There are no subtleties here, except that it is necessary to have a Facebook page with the data of the company that is planned to be promoted on Instagram.

    3 basic principles of promotion on Instagram

    1. Working on “brand identity”

    An online store starts with a unique brand identity. In fact, under the slogan “brand identity” (or you can often find the Russian pronunciation – identity) lies the corporate identity, which is developed for a specific commercial site. It consists of:

    • Catchy and memorable name;
    • A logo that will be easily recognizable and will evoke association with the brand’s products;
    • The colors of the palette, which are later used in the design, and will also form an associative array with the store’s products for the user;
    • Graphic design elements for creating additional parts of the store – menus, ads, product cards, etc.

    In this part, it is necessary to thoroughly work out design ideas and compare them with competitors. The design should not only be pleasant and make the client want to buy, but it is also necessary to clearly form a stable relationship “design – product”.

    Even if you already have a corporate identity, don’t be afraid to rebrand!

    brand identity

    An example in our case “Promotion in social networks of design studio IDC Style (Object+)”

    1. Filling the store with content

    Content is the most important thing for selling on Instagram. You should abandon the obsolete approach, when the store was once filled with product cards and then generated sales. The driving force behind selling on Instagram is quality content that grabs attention. This simultaneously increases the reach of the audience and attracts new customers.

    You need to start, of course, with photos. Pictures should be of good quality, with the correct exposure and competent lighting. They must be made on professional equipment. Remember that the customer forms the first impression of the product in 2-3 seconds when looking at the photo.

    Example from @modus.family.brand (Ukrainian clothing brand)

    Фотосъемка в Барселоне

    In addition to obvious calls to action, it is necessary to dilute the flow with informational content that may be of interest to the target audience. It is necessary to build on the composition of the target audience, and the content can be any relevant topic – from humor to scientific facts. The main thing is to interest the user in an indirect way, to unobtrusively remind about yourself.

    An example from @postformplast.ua (manufacturing of furniture facades, acrylic panels, plastic sales).

    коммерческие и информационные посты

    1. Attract buyers

    After the basis of the account is formed and there is an understanding of the target audience, it is necessary to begin systematic work to increase the coverage of the promoted site. If at the previous stages everything was done correctly, then the effect will not be long in coming.

    The approaches are:

    • Advertising in accounts where the target audience of interest is concentrated (work with opinion leaders);

    работа с лидерами мнений

    • Stimulation of the activity of an existing audience, involvement through surveys, contests (this is necessary to clarify the parameters of the target audience);
      Стимуляция активности
    • Use of hashtags;
      Пример аналитики использования хештегов с помощью socialinsider.io
    • Massliking and massfollowing (despite recent blocking, it is still relevant);
    • Targeted advertising;
    • Application of offline advertising options. For example, use NameTags – a pattern that Instagram recognizes as a link to a profile within itself. In fact, an analogue of QR codes looks like this.NameTags МАВР

    I recommend placing your NameTag on business cards; on other printed matter.

    The social network Instagram is an effective platform for promoting goods and services, which will bring high conversion with the right approach. It should be remembered that the emphasis is on creating high-quality content – it generates sales and brings new customers.

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