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    LinkedIn is a professional social network for finding employees, business partners, and establishing useful contacts. During its existence, it has become the most popular database of employers from 200 countries of the world, representing about 150 different industries. The most popular promotion in LinkedIn is in the business sector.

    Promotion on Linkedin: which business areas will suit

    таргет в LinkedIn 21

    This social network is designed to establish business contacts. Preference is given to the b2b sphere. This is the most suitable platform for finding specialists in various fields of activity and expanding the circle of business ties. If you want to make yourself known and gather an audience around your project, then you need to create a page in Linkedin. Its advantages:

    • increasing brand awareness;
    • opportunity to find business partners abroad;
    • attracting new “warm” customers;
    • communication with employees on selected skills;
    • entry into the world market;
    • effective advertising of your company, brand or product among users of this social network;
    • communication with the business segment;
    • monitoring the development of your industry;
    • Opportunity to keep abreast of competitor news.

    Promoting your profile on Linkedin is very different from promoting on other social networks. For the reason that an aggressive advertising strategy is not appreciated here.

    What is included in the Linkedin promotion service?

    The success of the entire advertising company depends on a competent strategy. Its development contains several stages:

    1. Analysis of competitors. It includes:
    • assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of competitors’ accounts;
    • target audience analysis;
    • full content analysis.
    1. promotion strategy. Based on the analysis of the market, your competitors, topics, set goals, we create a personal strategy for promoting the company on LinkedIn. Highlight the benefits of your business.
    2. Conducting advertising. For promotion, we offer several effective tools:
    • Showcase pages. These are showcase pages where you can display your company’s products and promote services.
    • Sponsored ads – showing posts to your target audience, not just your subscribers.
    • Contextual advertising is an effective way to attract an interested audience.
    1. Reporting. We provide full reporting on the results of the work done with recommendations, conclusions and a plan for the next reporting period.
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