Pinterest for Small Business in Infographic

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    Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board. It allows users to quickly and conveniently mark, organize and share useful and beautiful visualized ideas found on the web.

    продвижение в Pinterest

    For those who do not like to read from the picture.

    Users can follow other people or brands.

    • Facebook & Twitter = look at me
    • Pinterest = look at THIS

    Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks in the world.

    Pinterest is not only a social network, but also a place where a business can directly conduct sales.

    A key aspect of Pinterest is sharing and posting useful content…

    Online shopping

    Online entrepreneurs can share guides relevant to their business.

    The shops

    If the user is selling material goods, he can post their images on his Pinterest page. The user must provide clear, professional photos, as Pinterest thrives on beautiful, inspiring images.

    Specialized Services

    Users can share images of the services they provide, whether it’s cutting hair, making birthday cakes, or designing dog clothes. They can use Pinterest as a portfolio and ad at the same time.

    Recommendations for using Pinterest

    • Create boards for your products, services, interests.
    • Save images to boards you create.
    • Make sure your site is optimized for Pinterest.
    • Anything written in Flash cannot be saved.
    • Many Javascript image preview tools block the save option.
    • Use the Pinterest bookmarklet tool on your website.
    • Add a “Save” button to your website as well as to your products.
    • When saving anything, focus not on quantity, but on quality.
    • Call to action through images.
    • For example, instead of just showing your product, show how someone installs it.
    • Use scheduled posting services for Pinterest.
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