Proxy for collecting the semantic core (SC)

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    Web scraping is an important part of the web because it is at the heart of SEO. With its help, optimizers manage to collect and analyze large amounts of data in order to develop a promotion strategy. Parsing is also used for other purposes, but this does not affect the main problem – limiting the number of requests. To solve it, parsing proxies are used.

    Why do proxies make it easier to collect the semantic core?

    The semantic core can have tens of thousands of different keys – it depends on the niche. Collecting them manually is possible, but impractical. In this case, it is necessary to resort to parsing with special programs: Key Collector, Datacol and others. They have a similar principle of operation: the program sends dozens and hundreds of requests to the search engine, saving the information received. When using a proxy, parsing is accelerated several times. As a result, you can reduce several days of collection to a couple of hours. In addition to speeding up the collection of semantics, proxies reduce the risk of blocking your IP address to zero.

    Other benefits of using a proxy when parsing:

    • Different devices and regions. You may collect information that is specific to mobile devices or a specific region. This feature is especially useful when collecting data about online stores.
    • No restrictions. The number of simultaneous sessions, sites and information received depends only on the number of proxies. The more, the faster.

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    Proxy for Key Collector: features of use

    It is better to buy personal proxies than to use public ones: their speed is higher, and sellers guarantee the “purity” of IP addresses and issuance in one hand. When choosing a store, pay attention to several factors:

    • Proxy settings vary, so it’s important to buy the one that’s right for your task. For example, this is well implemented on the Proxy-Sale website, where there is a division into IP addresses for KeyCollector, Avito, etc. When buying a proxy on for a specific purpose, the service guarantees that the IP will work for this purpose.

    обзор proxysale

    • Are there Russian proxies for sale. Parsing Yandex from Ukrainian IPs will not work, because it is blocked in the country.
    • Is there a possibility of a small purchase. Ideally, if the store allows you to buy 1 proxy for a few days, so that you are convinced of their quality.

    What kind of data can Kay Collector get: query frequency, list of competitors, clustered queries, search suggestions, seasonality, and more. To get this information quickly and easily, follow a few rules:

    • To prevent proxies from falling under captcha, you must use no more than one stream. Stick to the principle: the more information you need to get, the more proxies you will need.
    • Use several Yandex.Direct accounts and put yours aside, because the system blocks for automatic requests.
    • Don’t use free proxies. Most likely, Yandex and Google have already banned them.


    Effective parsing is impossible without buying a proxy. Choose the optimal number for your task: if the proxy is low, the system will show captcha more and more often until the bounce rate reaches 100%. In this case, you will have to enter them manually, which contradicts the original idea of \u200b\u200bsaving time, or buy subscriptions in anti-captcha services, which can be more expensive than a couple of purchased proxies.

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