An overview of the multifunctional service for working in social networks Pur Ninja

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    Pur Ninja is a simple but functional service for working in social networks: it allows you to publish posts, analyze the results, work in a team and automate the filling of pages with content (RSS, repeated posts).

    It’s easy and quick to get started with the service — the first post can be scheduled in 2 clicks. Despite its simplicity, the service has advanced tools for optimizing work and measuring efficiency. For example, you can enable Google Analytics integration and measure how many sales and traffic specific posts bring.

    Beginning of work

    To start working in the service, you need to create an account – enter your email or log in through social networks. Email will be used for login, regular email reports and information about service updates.

    The service will offer to take the first steps to get started faster – connect pages, create the first post.

    Начало работы c Pur Ninja


    Businesses need a regular presence on social media to drive sales and reach. Pur Ninja allows you to publish from one interface to various social networks. This will free up more time for useful work instead of the routine posting to every social network.

    Post editor

    The service has a clear post editor. It allows you to create posts in various social networks, taking into account aspects of each of them. For example, when posting, Pur Ninja automatically optimizes photos and videos for each social network.

    The service will also warn you if the text of the post is too long for the social network. For example, LinkedIn has a maximum post length of 1300 characters. If there are more characters in the text, the editor will report this and allow you to avoid an error.

    You can add various engaging elements to posts: polls, buttons for Telegram.

    Редактор постов Pur Ninja

    The post editor will not only allow you to create a post, but also help you solve possible problems.


    The content grid in the service is clearly divided by day. Each day shows the posts that came out that day and the posts that are scheduled for publication.

    Конент-план в Pur Ninja

    Content plan at Pur Ninja

    If you need to see the schedule of post releases on each page separately, then the content plan can be viewed in the “page by page” mode. This is useful when the rhythm of doing different social networks is different. For example, if there are more posts on Twitter per day, then this will be clearly demonstrated.

    график выхода постов Pur Ninja

    The page view will show a schedule of posts on each page.

    The service allows you to set your schedule for the release of content with headings. This will help you find out what type of posts in the content plan are missing in order to add them.

    График выхода постов настраивается в Pur Ninja

    Posting schedule is configurable.


    You can invite colleagues to work on social networks together. At the same time, you can give them various access rights: someone can only view publications and analytics, and someone can be allowed to create and publish on social networks.

    Менеджеры в Pur Ninja

    You can add managers to work together on social networks.


    To analyze the effectiveness of work, the service has analytics. It shows page stats, post stats, and manager performance. In addition, the service will tell you when it is better to publish a post, depending on the reaction of subscribers to posts.

    Аналитика в Pur Ninja

    Аналитика в Pur Ninja

    UTM tags

    Pur Ninja has a built-in UTM tag builder. It will automatically put UTM tags on all links that are published through the service. Social media conversions can then be analyzed in detail in Google Analytics to understand which posts and content types are driving the most traffic and conversions.

    UTM-метки в Pur Ninja


    To quickly count conversions and analyze which social networks and posts bring more clicks, the service has integration with Google Analytics. It allows you to count traffic and conversions on all posts.

    Конверсии в Pur Ninja


    Pur Ninja allows you to automate your social media content by importing RSS posts and repetitive posts.

    Cross-posting RSS

    You can connect RSS to the service so that posts from it are automatically published on social networks. You can also fine-tune the appearance of the post and how often the feed is checked for new posts.

    Кросспостинг RSS с помощью Pur Ninja

    Repeated posts

    The repeat posts functionality allows you to create a post and set up regular re-publishing for it: you can make the post be published on Mondays at 21:00. For example, this is useful if you need to regularly engage the audience in communication.

    Повторяемые посты в Pur Ninja


    The service has a free trial period – 7 days from the date of registration.

    After the end of the trial period, you must select a tariff.

    There are 4 tariffs in total: SMM, Business S, Business M and Business L. They differ in the number of pages and managers that can be connected to the service.

    Стоимость Pur Ninja


    $11 / month

    For in-house teams and freelancers. Allows you to connect 10 pages.

    Business S

    $20 / month

    For small agencies and freelancers. You can connect 20 pages and 5 managers.

    Business M

    $40 / month

    For medium agencies or projects. You can connect 50 pages and 10 managers.

    Business L

    $80 / month

    For large agencies or projects. You can connect 100 pages and 15 managers.

    Service Disadvantages

    No direct posting to Instagram

    Instagram does not allow other services to directly publish posts. Therefore, Pur Ninja works with Instagram via Telegram – it sends a reminder with a post to the mobile, from where the post needs to be published on Instagram. This approach, although not the most convenient, does not violate the rules of the social network and guarantees account security and full coverage of posts.

    Pur Ninja is a good choice if you need a clear networking service with a user-friendly interface, analytics and teamwork at an adequate price.

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