Website promotion in Yandex: features of promotion

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    The correct gradual promotion of the site in Yandex is the key to high positions in the TOP. This is especially true for Russian projects, where the target audience mainly uses this search engine.

    In different regions, the number of people who prefer Yandex or Google is different. Therefore, for a regional business, when promoting a site, one should focus on the most popular search engine in that particular area. But in most cases, the promotion of the site in Yandex has a positive effect on the promotion of its positions in other search engines.

    For which sites is promotion in Yandex relevant?

    раскрутка сайтов в яндекс

    According to statistics, in Moscow and St. Petersburg, more than 70% of residents use Yandex. For other regions of Russia, this figure is slightly different. For example, for Kaliningrad – 50%. As for neighboring countries with a high proportion of the Russian-speaking population, Yandex is used by:

    • in Belarus – more than 40%;
    • in Ukraine (even after blocking this search engine) – more than 30% (according to Factrum Group Ukraine for 2017);
    • in Kazakhstan – more than 20%.

    What should be taken into account in order to promote the site to the Yandex TOP?

    Search algorithms are constantly changing and we take this into account when developing a website promotion plan. We work in several directions at once:

    • We optimize the internal architecture of the site. We first check how well the project is prepared for the search engine from a technical point of view: the absence of duplicate pages, the correctness of the redirect settings, the Sitemap, robots.txt settings, etc.
    • We update content regularly. We first check the uniqueness of those materials that are already posted on the site in order to prevent a decrease in positions in the search results due to copy-paste or articles that have been copied by other portals. This requires well-coordinated work of the customer, SEO-optimizer and copywriter. Much attention is paid to the correct compilation of the semantic core and the absence of re-optimization of articles on the resource.
    • External site optimization. It includes a gradual build-up of high-quality link mass in the media, social networks, blogs, thematic sites, forums and other portals.
    • Improvement in behavioral characteristics. We are working on reducing the bounce rate, that is, the number of visitors who close the page immediately after the transition (stayed less than 15 seconds). At the same time, we are improving the site so that the number of people who browse the site for a long time, moving from one page to another, is constantly growing. To do this, we analyze usability, improve design and engage in content.

    Why can Yandex ban a site or downgrade it in the search results?

    сайт под фильтром Яндекса

    The Yandex search engine is constantly improving its algorithms to provide users with the most relevant information to their query. Therefore, in order for the site not to be banned in the system and not lose its position in the search results, there should not be:

    • Spam. It is necessary to write LSI-texts rich in synonyms, words that set the topic.
      non-unique texts.
    • Hidden texts that are visible only to the search robot.
    • Linkopomoek. Pages that are specifically designed to host outbound links.
    • Lots of ads.
    • Rapid link growth. By building up the link gradually, so that the search engine algorithm does not doubt it. We also carefully select sites and anchors (link texts).
    • “Black” methods of website promotion. These include cloaking, doorways, etc.

    Features of site promotion in Yandex

    продвижение сайта в яндекс

    When working on bringing a site to the TOP, it is necessary to understand many things – from modern site building trends and user preferences to the operation of the algorithm itself. So remember:

    • Promotion in Yandex is a gradual process. It is impossible to safely quickly bring the site to the top of the search engine. A noticeable effect from the work will appear only after 3-6 months, depending on the competitiveness of the niche and other factors indicated below.
    • You will need to participate in the promotion of the site. For our part, we develop an effective strategy, recommendations for the technical improvement of the resource, and gradually increase the reference mass. You also need to connect to the workflow in a timely manner so that it does not stretch in time due to the approval of some stages. Do not give up all the recommendations for finalizing the site. If you absolutely do not like the options offered by the SEO optimizer, look for compromises. Remember that the promotion specialist advises you to make changes in order to promote the resource to the TOP of search results and increase the number of orders, that is, profit.
    • Do not rush to increase the number of links and do not buy them yourself. For each site, an individual promotion program is developed and donor sites are carefully selected for placement.

    How quickly will you be in the TOP?

    seo продвижение в яндекс

    It is impossible to name the exact terms of promotion of your site. A noticeable effect will appear only after 3 months when working with low-frequency queries, after 6 months – for medium-frequency queries, and more than a year will be required to “break through” to the TOP for highly competitive keywords. One of the important factors in this case is the promotion region. Bringing a site to the TOP of a small city is much easier and faster than in the capital or regional center.

    Even after getting into the TOP, constant work is needed to maintain the indicators at the current level, since your competitors are also promoting their resources.

    What is needed for successful promotion in Yandex?

    To effectively work on promoting your resource to the TOP, you will also need to participate in the process. Sometimes this means that you just need to expect a result, sometimes it means that you need to make a decision at some stage or set tasks for your employees:

    • You must give access to the administrative panel of the resource and the FTP server. This is necessary for internal optimization of the site, timely updating of content, making changes to the structure and design, if it was approved in the work plan. After changing the password to the site or FTP, you must report it within the same day. We, in turn, also undertake not to change anything without prior agreement with you.
    • You are obliged to ensure round-the-clock performance of the site: pay for hosting and domain on time.
    • All technical changes on the site should be discussed before they are implemented. This is especially important if, in connection with them, changes will be made to the site structure, that is: adding or deleting categories, new pages and products, setting up redirects, etc.
    • It is forbidden to remove analytics codes from the site. We set them so that they do not interfere with daily work with the resource and are not visible to the user. When you remove part of the counter code, it stops working correctly, which will cause difficulties in analyzing and making tactical changes to the promotion strategy.
    • The texts that are posted on your site should not be used on other resources. This will affect their uniqueness and lead to a decrease in positions in the search results. Do not copy them to your partners and dealers.
    • Do not copy texts from other resources to your site. The same rule applies here as in the previous paragraph. Non-unique content does not contribute to promotion. It is better to leave this to specialists and check the materials that we plan to post on the site in a timely manner, clearly explaining your comments on the semantic component or presentation, if any.
    • While working on website promotion, it is forbidden to order a run through catalogs or exchanges of free links, to participate in link exchange systems. If you ordered such services before, suspend them and inform about it at the stage of design work approval.
    • If you need to make any changes on the site, you must definitely coordinate them with an SEO specialist, as they may affect the work to promote your resource.
    • All issues related to the promotion, advertising and operation of the site should be discussed with the SEO specialist assigned to you. This also includes placing advertisements on the Internet, adding links to the resource itself or others, changing counter settings, etc.
    • Provide a complete list of mirrors and synonymous domains for your site. Before starting work on SEO promotion, it will be necessary to resolve all issues with them so that this does not slow down the process.
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