Advertising on the Internet: its types, payment methods

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In today’s business environment, no one doubts the great importance of advertising on the Internet. A successful entrepreneur must be clearly aware of the differences in advertising strategies, which of them is relevant and more preferable in a particular case.

The main task of the site owner is to increase the number of transitions of potential buyers to the customer’s site. A positive result of advertising promotion will also be the delay of the user for some time after going to the site, even without placing an order.

Реклама в Интернете

Internet advertising classification

Let’s get acquainted with the common types of advertising on the Internet:

  • The first and, perhaps, the most common type is advertising through the placement of banners. The latter are images or animations that grab the user’s attention and, when clicked, redirect them to a site with an offer from the advertiser. An indisputable plus of banner advertising is that it allows you to increase brand awareness and indirectly works, even if the user is not currently interested. With the proper frequency of contact with the eyes, the buyer remembers the name of the company and, in the future, seeing a familiar logo, will prefer it when searching for a product or service from the corresponding group. Banners, which initially appeared in outdoor advertising, really showed themselves in advertising via the Internet, and now they are a priority for doing business in enterprises.
  • Teaser advertising can be called somewhat controversial. This look, with the help of an intriguing image or animation, in combination with a flashy inscription, attracts the attention of an unlucky buyer. Probably, each of us is used to facing ads at the bottom and on the sides of the page with inscriptions: “I earn from $ 100 a day, for this I only need …”, “SHOCK! In order to lose weight, you need to drink in the morning … ”and the like. This type of advertising is very cheap and is in demand mainly among those who promote goods of low quality.
  • Contextual Internet advertising is becoming more and more effective. The effectiveness of this type of advertising is achieved by placing creatives (both textual and graphic) or links on platforms that are meaningfully associated with the advertised site. The clientele visiting such an advertising platform is likely to be interested in the advertised goods or services. For example, on a fishing website, advertise a store selling fishing tackle.
  • It is impossible not to mention such an unpleasant phenomenon in the global web – aggressive advertising on the Internet on websites. Its whole essence is to force the transition to the link, or even redirect to the desired site, without the desire of the user himself. This is achieved through advertising pages, full-screen images or annoying pop-ups. It is not difficult to guess what kind of reaction such advertising on the Internet causes from the user, and therefore a reputable company that values the attitude of potential customers will not resort to such methods.
  • Considering various types of advertising, it is necessary to mention promotional articles. The need for this type of advertising arises because the space on the Internet is spammed with numerous ads, and it is quite difficult to stand out against their background. The article allows you to express yourself in detail, to focus on the needs of the client. This gives the reader the feeling that you are trying to help meet a personal need.

To achieve good results, advertising sites on the Internet through promotional articles should be aimed at finding a quality site that is well suited to the context of the article itself. It should also be optimized for relevant search queries.

An additional plus is that the article will be on the resource without time limits and, thus, will be able to maintain regular attendance for the advertiser.

Способы оплаты за рекламу в Интернете

Online advertising payment methods

Probably, many are wondering: how much does advertising via the Internet cost? Prices may vary depending on the specialization of the site, the type of advertising, the quality of its development and, accordingly, the situation on the advertising services market. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly the advertiser pays for.

  • The first is pay-per-view (CPM).
  • Secondly, it is the payment for clicks (CPC), with the establishment of a tariff for each click on the ad. For the customer, this is good because he pays only for the customers who actually visited his site.
  • Thirdly, the most expensive billing principle: payment is made only when making a payment for a product or service (CPA), registering on the advertiser’s website, etc.

How to advertise on the Internet?

Как разместить рекламу в Интернете

Advertising on the Internet is divided into two types:

  • advertising service;
  • independent search for an advertising platform.

As for the first method, on the Internet you can easily find a huge number of offers for placing almost any type of advertising. Take Google advertising services.

If you are ready to make a little more effort not to give your money to intermediaries, then you should start by searching for a resource by keywords. Drive them into the search engine and select the top ones in the proposed list.

Also, it would be appropriate to use existing catalogs and ratings of advertising sites. For advertising at the regional level, you should contact the administration of the local portal, which is quite popular, and find out about the possibility of cooperation. The best option would be to contact well-known experts in this field, for example, the MAVR marketing agency.

When searching for a site, it is most worthwhile to focus on finding a site with the most appropriate topic, because potential buyers are essentially already waiting for your product or service there (see the example of a fishing site with an advertisement for fishing gear).

Remember: do not save on advertising. No wonder Henry Ford said: “If I had 4 dollars, 3 of them I would give to advertising.”