Romina Markelova: For me, inspiration is people who have created something significant

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Romina Markelova, founder of the Belka PR agency, shared her opinion on how the trends for 2020 are changing due to quarantine and recommended her TOP mandatory reading books.

Основательница PR-агентства Belka Ромина Маркелова

Romina, all experts, when giving forecasts for 2020 trends in PR and promotion, did not take into account force majeure, in the form of a virus. What do you think the world of business will be like after quarantine is over?

It is clear that the majority of business owners, both small, medium and large, will understand that remote work can be effective without a stationary office. This will also affect the marketing sector, so the first trend is the strengthening of end-to-end analytics.

No one is ready to invest in inefficient tools. Due to the fact that the purchasing power of the population has fallen very much, businesses will feel this especially after the lifting of the self-isolation regime. From this, a new trend is the strengthening of low-budget promotion methods.

The third trend is sincerity. Businesses are ready to honestly tell how they are doing. This is an abundance of live broadcasts, user-generated content.

How has your job changed under quarantine?

Especially in any way, if not counting the fact that, in addition to marketing services, you have to deal with essentially psychological support.

Romina, how are the Clients behaving now? Are there any who are experiencing growth?

Yes, many of our clients are growing. I am sure that where there is focus, there is growth.

Romina, what areas of business are you more interested in working with?

I am interested in collaborating with projects aimed at international development. So, Belka PR has a lot of experience in developing projects in the areas of beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and healthcare.

Where do you get ideas? Who in the world of business would you recommend reading on social media?

For me, inspiration is people who have created something meaningful, something that changes the lives of millions of people. I highly recommend the series “Billions”, especially since the new season comes out in early May.

Основательница PR-агентства Belka Ромина Маркелова

What skills should an entrepreneur have?

The ability to focus on opportunities, vectorism, flexibility to change, tolerance for mistakes and failures, trust in the world,

Romina, I know that you read a lot. Recommend 10 books that entrepreneurs should definitely read.

Yes, this year I launched a challenge, and a fairly large number of people joined me. This inspired me a lot, so I created the Markelova BookClub (@markelova.bookclub).

My top 10:

  1. Flexible mind. Carol Dweck
  2. How to get things in order. The art of stress-free productivity. David Allen.
  3. Game theory. Avinash Dixit, Barry Nailbuff
  4. Black Swan. Under the sign of unpredictability. Nassim Nicholas Taleb
  5. Do you want to talk about it? Psychotherapist. Her clients. And the truth that we hide from others and ourselves. Lori Gottlieb
  6. Turquoise management in practice. Valera Razgulyaev
  7. Bezos letters. Steve Anderson
  8. Who becomes a leader in business: Geeks and a veteran. Warren Bennis
  9. Corporation of geniuses. Ed Catmull, Amy Wallace
  10. Nutella. How to create an adorable brand | Padovani Gigi
  11. PIXAR. Reboot. Brilliant book on crisis management

Tell us about your ideal work day.

I love days filled with face-to-face business meetings and getting the most out of my to-do list.