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    So, the long-awaited textbook “SEO-Monster 2020” was released, which is a practical guide for global and regional promotion on the Internet of both online stores and information portals. The latest edition is generously filled with examples and is considered by many SEO professionals to be the most fundamental work on SEO to date.

    Compared to previous editions, the new book is even more interesting:

    • step-by-step schemes for the implementation of certain promotion strategies have been added, everything is made clear and divided into points;
    • screenshots of the most famous programs and services are given, which should be at hand for any serious optimizer;
    • different cases are considered on specific examples, with indications of the addresses of promoted sites;
    • lists of useful tools and original SEO hacks, which are not yet known to a wide audience, are provided.

    The new “SEO Monster 2020” textbook contains information that is suitable for both experienced SEOs and novice SEOs who have not yet fully understood the area in which they work.

    книга SEO-Монстр 2020

    New on the Runet

    Of course, on many of the issues covered by the publication over the past ten years, many articles have been written in blogs and live magazines by well-known SEO specialists. But all of them were not so systematized and supplemented with real cases of the legendary author Dr. Max, whose textbooks “SEO-Monster” and “SEO-Guru” have become reference books for a new generation of SEOs.

    The author really knows what he is writing about, because has more than 13 years of experience in SEO, of which 7 years he has been promoting projects aimed at the Western market. Well known in the Runet, Dr. Max devotes maximum time to the practical development of the described strategies on all 716 pages of the textbook.

    The main sections of “SEO-Monster 2020”

    Work with the audience begins with general concepts – what is the semantic core, how to collect it and how to cluster queries. Next, you will learn how to competently create a new site structure, and how to work with a portal that is more than 5 years old.

    Without an understanding of the factors that affect rankings, today an SEO specialist will not be able to promote any project. Therefore Dr. Max tells how positions are affected by a domain name, domain age, download speed, code cleanliness, and other technical parameters. A lot of pages are devoted to typical mistakes that can quickly lower the site in search results.

    If everything is in order with the technical side of the resource you are promoting, you need to pay close attention to the text ranking factors. Long gone are the days when it was enough to insert a lot of thematic keywords into the text and wait for an increase in traffic. In 2019, as many times before, the leading search engines will once again adjust their algorithms for collecting information. And in order not to get lost in these new requirements, you should prepare for all the changes in advance. And don’t forget, there are only a few days left until the unique edition will be available for order at a discount!

    Many SEO-optimizers undeservedly pay little attention to the development of meta tags, and after all, the position in the issue strongly depends on their competent filling. Headings and subheadings, the description meta tag and the need to use structured data – Dr. Max.

    Further, we will talk about the commercial factors of promotion, and it is on this part of the optimizer’s work that the attitude of users to the Internet resource will largely depend. How to correctly submit all the necessary information to a potential client, not to bore him with advertising and not to frighten him away with pop-up offers – read in “SEO-Monster 2020”. This year is included in the title of the textbook not by chance, because all the strategies and factors described will be relevant next year.

    A separate chapter provides information on the principles of regional promotion. It’s no secret that the largest search engines of our time, Yandex and Google, require a certain approach on the part of the optimizer if the resource needs to be promoted in a particular region.

    Website quality and usability

    учебник SEO-Монстр 2020

    It is very important for a modern user to understand that he is always expected on a commercial resource, and online consultants are ready to answer questions that arise. You can easily scare away a potential buyer with bright or poorly combined colors in the design of the main page, or fail the task of selling a product due to poorly implemented navigation.

    Even the most interested client will leave a poorly prepared resource in a few seconds to turn to a competitor. In order not to miss the chance to demonstrate all the benefits of a commercial offer, an SEO optimizer should pay a lot of attention to usability issues and ways to increase conversions.

    By purchasing 716 pages of useful information at a discount, you will greatly shorten your path to top search positions and conversions.

    Do not take lightly the sanctions of search engines, as a result of which the campaign to promote the resource can, at best, stop, and at worst, throw you many points down in the search results. How to find the same key to Google and Yandex and recover from sanctions, read the last part of the tutorial from Dr. Max.

    The author pays enough attention to the issues of link building and proper placement of links on commercial resources with great trust. After all, from the wrong choice of donors, you can not only waste the entire budget allocated for links for nothing, but also get sanctions for trying to sharply gain link weight.

    The final part of SEO-Monster 2020

    At the end of the tutorial, the author suggests that you familiarize yourself with useful Applications that will help you understand crowd marketing issues, create a prototype of an online store website, and systematize a list of the most useful programs and services for an SEO optimizer.

    According to the reviews of many SEO specialists who follow the work and articles of Dr. Max and have already read his previous publications, the textbook “SEO-Monster 2020” cannot be compared in quality with any of the electronic publications of past years. According to them, even multi-month courses will not be able to give such a practical squeeze, allowing you to reach the top of the search results.

    You should not save on knowledge, but you can reduce financial costs a little at this stage, because a unique textbook can still be ordered at a discount. In addition, do not forget that when you buy “SEO-Monster 2020” you get the opportunity to ask your questions to the author! Information support from Dr. Max is another bonus that you just can’t refuse.

    According to experts who have already read the textbook, everything written can be immediately put into practice and create your own promotion strategy based on effective tools. Order “SEO-Monster 2020” – without water and theoretical calculations, only practical guides to action!

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