SEO website promotion: what determines the price?

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    If you are interested in SEO website promotion, the price should not be a determining factor when choosing a contractor. SEO website promotion is a whole range of activities to improve the position of a web resource in the search results of search engines such as Google and Yandex. To the question “how much does website promotion cost?” there cannot be the same answer for everyone. Too many factors affect the cost of achieving the desired result. Therefore, the development of an SEO promotion campaign requires an individual approach and individual cost calculation.

    What determines the price of SEO promotion

    От чего зависит цена на SEO продвижение

    The first step in planning events for the promotion of the site is the choice of strategy. This choice is determined by the tasks that the website promotion campaign is designed to solve:

    • increase in the number of visitors
    • reaching a certain level of conversions,
    • increase the visibility of the site in search engines.

    Also, the level of competition in this niche of search engine promotion affects the definition of the strategy and the cost of promotion. The level of competition depends on the number of advertisers in the niche, the frequency of search queries, and other factors.

    The state of the web resource also significantly affects the price of promotion. A site that meets the following requirements is considered optimal for SEO promotion:

    • has a clear structure, providing for filtering by category;
    • uses meta tags unique for each resource page;
    • does not have duplicate and non-unique content;
    • has internal page linking.

    In addition, the link profile of the resource and the presence of downgrading filters from search engines affect the prospects of SEO activities. With the development and improvement of Google search algorithms, the complexity and number of possible SEO optimization and promotion strategies is increasing.

    What is included in the cost of SEO promotion?

    этапы seo-продвижения сайта

    An individual approach to SEO promotion involves the use of proven methods of website promotion to solve specific problems facing the resource, taking into account its technical condition. One way or another, the cost is formed from the following elements:

    • work on internal optimization of the web resource;
    • the cost of creating unique content optimized for search engines and useful to visitors;
    • increasing the maximum natural link mass to the site,
    • work with behavioral and commercial ranking factors.

    Comprehensive promotion also includes an audit of the current state of the site, the development of a promotion strategy, and the preparation of recommendations for promoting the resource after the end of the active stage of promotion.

    The main goal of SEO promotion

    The main criterion for the success of a website promotion campaign is its presence on the first page of search results for a specific query. It is getting into the TOP-10 of Google or Yandex search results that provides a steady and growing flow of visitors who can be converted into buyers of goods and services. Achieving such a result is possible only with the use of “white” promotion methods – those that do not carry the risk of falling under filters and other sanctions of search engines.

    In order to achieve the main result – increasing your company’s profits, we use an integrated approach that includes SEO promotion as an integral part of Internet marketing. At the same time, we consider SEO as a component equivalent to other elements of a marketing strategy – promotion in social media, using email marketing, contextual advertising, viral advertising campaigns.

    The cost of SEO site promotion in this case is part of the cost of marketing support for your business, and shows greater efficiency in comparison with campaigns that include only SEO promotion.

    Эффективное SEO

    How much does fast SEO promotion cost?

    Studying proposals for website promotion in search engines, you will meet with proposals to quickly bring the site to the top of search results. We do not recommend using such services, no matter how tempting the offer may sound. Any SEO professional knows that every year it becomes more difficult to achieve top positions using methods that used to give rapid growth. Moreover, such methods sooner or later lead to the imposition of penalties by the search engine on the site in the form of filters and pessimization.

    Depending on the frequency of search queries and competition in the niche, the actual time to enter the TOP-10 can be from three to 6 months under an optimistic scenario. These terms can vary greatly depending on the condition and age of the site, both up and down.

    The price of high-quality SEO promotion includes reaching top positions as quickly as possible, as well as ensuring long-term results thanks to a whole range of activities.

    You can find more information about the prices for SEO promotion from the MAVR company on the corporate website, as well as leave an online application.

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