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SMSprofi is a multi-channel messaging service. A unique feature of the service is that you can send messages from one window through various channels, as well as receive feedback using the online chat built into your site. The following options are currently available:

  • SMS sending.
  • Viber mailing.
  • Newsletters VK (VKontakte).
  • Voice mailing.окно создания голосовой рассылкиотчет по голосовой рассылке
  • link to OK (in classmates).
  • Scheduled broadcasts.
  • Automation of birthday greetings and other events.поздравительные рассылки
  • SMS coupon – mailing of individual discounts and their accounting.
  • Online chat with integration with all popular instant messengers and social networks. networks.
  • SMS survey – a service for collecting feedback via SMS and calculating the NPS metric.
  • API, ready-made solutions for integration with 1C, Bitrix24, OpenCart, WireCRM.

The service implements cascading mailings. Messages are sent according to the algorithm you specify. For example, first the message is sent through Viber, if the message is not delivered, then the message is sent through another channel, such as SMS. The cascading mailing system is very flexible and can be used to implement almost any message delivery scenario.

регистрация в личном кабинете

SMSprofi prices

тарифы на смс

The service is provided without a monthly fee, only traffic is paid. The average cost of services is published on the website of the service. Bonus upon registration of 100 rubles (for legal entities), This is the most impressive amount of all that offer SMS mailing services. You have a real opportunity to check how the service works using the gift balance.

Account replenishment options:

  • non-cash payment (for legal entities);
  • bank cards;
  • using the Robokassa online service (all possible payment methods).

Competitive advantages of bulk SMS service

  1. Access control system for personal account
  2. Free consultations from experts on setting up and using the service.
  3. Simple and clear interface.
  4. A well-organized contact database with the ability to clear the database of inactive numbers.

чистка базы контатов

  1. Personalization of sending messages
    окно просмотра отправляемой рассылки
  2. Variety of ways and channels for sending messages
  3. Advanced functionality, you can configure almost any sending scenario
  4. Responsive technical support
  5. Large selection of additional services.
  6. Possibility to create mailing lists with alphabetical signature.
  7. Ability to create periodic and congratulatory mailing lists
  8. Implemented cascading message delivery.создание каскадной рассылки
  9. Posting scheduler.
    планировщик рассылок
  10. Informative reports on message delivery and cash flows.
    отчет по смс рассылке сводный отчет по смс рассылке

Disadvantages of the mass mailing service

  1. There are no virtual dedicated numbers for receiving messages

Beginning of work

Before starting work with the service, you will have to go through a simple registration procedure, indicating your full name, login, password, email address and phone number (a code for activating your account is sent to it). Next, you will have access to a personal account with a concise design. To start using the services, you must additionally enter the city and country of residence, as well as tell how you learned about SMSprofi. Since mass SMS mailings are available only for legal entities, you will need to conclude an agreement with the company. This is mandatory required by the current Russian legislation. The next step is loading the client base. It can be entered manually or imported from .txt, .ods, .xls, .csv and .xlsx files, as well as from the clipboard.

Direct distribution is carried out in several stages:

  • entering the text of the message;
  • indication of recipient addresses;
  • determining the date and time of the campaign launch;
  • additional settings – SMS transliteration and clearing the form after sending;
  • parameter check.

All mailings are pre-moderated. It is carried out daily from 5.00 to 00.00 Moscow time and often takes about a minute. Using the service it is forbidden to send some types of advertising. In particular, you cannot promote taxi services, medicines, erotic products, drugs and alcohol, tobacco products. If your messages do not contain ads, they can be removed from moderation and messages will be delivered instantly.

Take a test drive of the SMS service and get 100 rubles to your account!