Storiesgain – the first advertising service in Instagram Stories (does not work, but there are analogues)

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Reach 120 million people in 5 minutes

A quick launch of advertising on Instagram bloggers without two weeks of correspondence and anxiety about order fulfillment is the dream of any entrepreneur and marketer. Previously, blogger exchanges solved this problem, but they also had to conduct personal correspondence with the performer.

Now a more effective solution has appeared – the first service of automated advertising in Instagram Stories of bloggers Storiesgain.

The creators of the service are proud of the full automation of all relationships between bloggers and advertisers.

We decided to check whether everything is as good as the ideologists of the service say.

Feature overview

Blogger analytics

SG analyzes blogger accounts by:

  • Audience engagement.
  • Audience geography.
  • Sex ratio.
  • Account growth.

Based on the indicators, the system evaluates the account on a 10-point scale. The price of blogger advertising set by the service depends on the quality of the audience.

The first thing that catches your eye when you see analytics is the difference between the number of subscribers and the audience involved. We will pay for the involved audience.

Аудитория целевая

Next, we see segmentation by geolocation and a graph of account growth. According to the chart, you can 100% determine whether the blogger cheated subscribers and whether he participated in suspicious activations. Hint: if so, then the chart will be ragged, with sharp growth peaks.

График роста

At the end is a breakdown by gender, plus the ratio of engaged to inactive audiences.

Опции с аудиторией

Advertising constructor

Okay, this is clear. We’re going to create an assignment. Click “Add Ads” and see one of the main features of SG – the ad constructor.

The designer panel simulates the creation of a real story. You can immediately upload your creative, see how it fits in the story and arrange all the necessary elements (from hashtags to text and geo) as you see fit. Very comfortably.

Конструктор рекламы

If you do not have a ready-made creative, choose the “Improvisation” format. In this case, you can also specify where the elements should be. You just have to clarify for the blogger your wishes for advertising in the window that opens.

For your Improvisation format to be effective, choose bloggers with 10,000 or more subscribers. They have more experience, which means they will do a better job.

What is important to consider:

  • If you insert a link to the site, then later the search will show you only bloggers with an audience of 10k+
  • In the wishes window, you need to write clearly: the format of the video or photo, a few main points that describe your service or product. So that any blogger understands what they want from him.

Заполнение формы

Selection of bloggers

We turn to the choice of performers. On the side we see a lot of settings. Here you can choose:

  • The topic of the account;
  • Geography;
  • Audience gender;
  • pricing policy;
  • Number of subscribers;
  • Advertising confirmation percentage;
  • Average number of stories per day;
  • Cost per 1000 impressions.

In general, there are many factors that affect the accuracy of targeting. The most interesting point here is the “Select All” button. I explain why this is interesting:

  • You select all bloggers, let’s say there are 70,000 of them;
  • The amount of advertising in this case will be 200,000 rubles;
  • But you only have 40,000;
  • You set the necessary filters: the maximum price of advertising, the number of subscribers, and so on;
  • We see a reduction in the cost of the campaign;
  • When the amount suits us, we launch the campaign.

Информация об аккаунтеYou can also adjust the distribution of bloggers on the page. In the example, sorting by relevance is selected.

Фильтрация опций

The search for bloggers is normal – nothing super smart, convenient and very accurate.

On a note:

SG does not limit the number of blogger subscribers, which means that there are hundreds of micro and nano bloggers in the system. For an intelligent advertiser, this is a big plus. You can launch an advertising campaign with thousands of ordinary people, whose audience is the most loyal and active. As a rule, the cost of a subscriber who came from an advertisement with a microblogger does not exceed 3 rubles.


The absolute difference between Storiesgain and other services is the “Offers” section, which operates according to the CPA system. That is, the brand can upload its unique offer and promo, which will be posted by bloggers. But the advertiser should pay only for the perfect target action (TA). Of the available CSDs – application, sale and registration.

In the system, offers are already used by both large brands – Aviasales, Aliexpress, Alfa-Bank – and small businesses, such as paintings by numbers.

Офферы от сервиса

Affiliate program

The SG referral program is probably the most generous offer on the market.

It works very simply – you publish a referral link on your resource, lure people with the help of ready-made promos or personal recommendations, a person registers. Later, all the people you brought in start either investing in advertising or making money on advertising. The service makes a profit from these actions (but only from the actions of advertisers, more on that below) and shares its income with you.

How much the advertiser spends or the blogger you brought in earns depends on the percentage of your deductions. Deductions here are 3 times higher than the market ones, you can receive up to 50% of the company’s income.


Not available for bloggers. And for advertisers, the service offers a flexible system of commissions. The commission percentage depends on the number of items in the story. Choosing the “Improvisation” format, for example, adds 25% to the final cost of an advertising campaign, if you add a website, then pay another 15%. For the simplest page tagged ad, you will pay 15% of the cost of the advertising campaign.

Thus, SG gives advertisers the choice of how much they are willing to pay for automating all stages of advertising.

Комиссии сервиса

Summing up

Storiesgain combines two working promotion trends on Instagram – advertising in stories and working with micro-bloggers. Seasoned these trends with handy tools and topped with CPA sauce. If you want to run juicy and effective advertising campaigns, welcome to Storiesgain.