TOP Reporting Services for Internet Marketers

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One of the important components of the work of an Internet marketer is the generation of reports that reflect the monthly status of the account. Their creation is based on data obtained from the general statistics of the group (community) or directly from the indicators of the advertising account. Reporting generators are a special type of service that helps an Internet marketer generate the necessary electronic documentation, displaying the true state of a client’s account. There are several options for services, the effectiveness of each of them has been tested in practice.

Reporting Automation for an Internet Marketer


генератор отчетов

Link to the service –

Reportkey is a generator that is deservedly considered one of the best. Generates a report in a matter of minutes, thus reducing the labor costs of an Internet marketer. It has the ability to combine data received from several systems into one electronic document.

As sources of information, it is possible to connect the following tools to the service:

  • Yandex.Metrica;
  • Google Analytics;
  • Advertising account of the social network “Vkontakte”;
  • Topvisor;
  • SeoLib;
  • AllPositions.

The main features that the Reportkey generator has:

  1. Reports are easy to brand, supplement with a list of planned actions, as well as useful conclusions.
  2. For the convenience of an Internet marketer, you can create a separate template for generating a report.
  3. It is planned to create a personal account, where there are important data for an Internet marketer – previously generated reports and templates.

The service is paid, but it pays for itself quite easily. The automation of the generator is thought out in such a way that reporting is done quickly and without the participation of a specialist. The latter may at the same time spend more time on project development and analytics.


программа для создания отчетов

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SEO-reports is another program designed to make marketing easier. What can the generator do:

  1. Quickly and efficiently generate a report without spending the time of an Internet marketer.
  2. Reporting will be done without errors.
  3. Increase customer loyalty and, consequently, increase revenue.

The main advantages that the program has:

  1. Reporting is generated in several popular formats that are convenient for marketers.
  2. Ability to brand the report by adding your own logo to it.
  3. Reporting is flexible: you can add and remove blocks, as well as make comments.
  4. Automation of the preparation of electronic documentation, which can be configured according to a convenient schedule for the marketer.
  5. The report can be sent directly to the client’s e-mail, as well as send a copy to your own address.

Thus, SEO-reports helps the marketer with just one click. The generator provides a report in full: it contains useful information for both the marketer and the client. Despite the paid use, SEO-reports will pay for itself quickly enough.

Other services to automate reporting

There are also other types of reporting services for online marketers. Some of them are provided for use completely free of charge or have a trial period of testing.


сервис для создания отчетов

Link to the service –

The Marilyn system is a high-quality automation that will allow you to evaluate a site or an advertising profile for a given reporting period. It features a clear interface, as well as wide functionality.

Has the following features:

  1. The presence of a trial period, during which the user will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the program and purchase a package with a large number of functions.
  2. The generator provides the ability to integrate with popular analytics services — Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics.
  3. Marilyn allows you to simultaneously place contextual, targeted and media advertising.
  4. Connecting popular advertising sites, adding new ones.
  5. Tracking progress against KPIs.
  6. Ability to integrate with any sites and CRM systems.

Marilyn provides quality marketing reporting on a daily basis, which allows you to control the budget and monitor the achievements of the advertising campaign.

автоматизация отчетности

Link to the service –

The tool is another report builder that automatically generates advertising data in such systems:

  • Yandex.Direct;
  • Google Ads;
  • In contact with;
  • Facebook;
  • mytagert.

Ideal for online marketers, yet accessible to the business owner.

SE Ranking

Link to the service –

Another report builder that deserves attention is SE Ranking. In addition to the main marketing function aimed at tracking the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, the service can be used to solve many problems. Among them:

  • conducting an SEO audit;
  • monitoring the position of the site in search results;
  • backlink monitoring;
  • studying the activities of competitors;
  • drawing up a marketing plan;
  • selection of requests with the definition of their frequency.

Additionally, SE Ranking can be used for non-standard types of tasks. For example, using the “White Label” function, it is easy to design your website in a corporate style by transferring the service to its domain.


Socialinsider is a social media benchmarking, analytics and reporting tool. The service supports such social networks as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. With Socialinsider, you can save time and impress customers with data they haven’t seen before by comparing their efforts to those of their competitors.