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A CRM system is software that helps a business improve customer service, build relationships, and significantly increase sales. You can find the best software for company development using the CRM selection service.

Обзор сервиса подбора CRM-систем CRMindex

Site design

The interface of the service is designed so that even a novice user can independently find the desired function and set search filters.

What is the structure and functions of the service:

  1. An up-to-date overview of CRM systems. The software is sorted by user reviews, feature sets. Within the section, you can independently adjust the search filters.
  2. IP telephony services. List of portals for calling and attracting customers.
  3. Helpdesk systems. The best programs for creating a support service and providing technical assistance to site visitors.
  4. Chat centers for automatic communications and communication between the business and the client. Several functions are collected in one system: collecting analytics for all customers, creating simple and multi-tasking chat bots.
  5. CRM integrators. If you want to simplify the work with the service as much as possible, these companies will help you customize the software for your line of business. The top list contains the best integrators with reviews and portfolios of real clients.

On the site you can find a platform for the service sector, small businesses, IT-oriented, online stores and enterprises, B2B activities. If your company does not fit into any of the proposed options, contact the service manager: he will individually help you find the right tool.

Setting up a CRM search

Since the platform contains hundreds of programs, manually searching for them and reading reviews, the description is simply inconvenient. The site contains convenient filters that allow you to select only those that are relevant to your activity.

What search criteria does the CRM selection service have:

  • main activity of the company;
  • payment for services – preliminary or based on the result of work;
  • on which operating system the software will be installed;
  • the size of the organization (small, medium or large business).

After setting all the parameters, the service will automatically provide a rating of suitable platforms. As a result, the client receives not just a database, but an effective and up-to-date tool for updating his project. All large organizations have long implemented CRM-systems in their websites. They will also be useful for owners of small businesses, as they can concentrate on working on the product, rather than the routine processing of applications or calling customers.

Now CRMIndex is one of the largest free portals to help you optimize your business. Thanks to this information resource, online business owners daily attract new customers and increase their income.

Company advantages:

  1. Honest reviews and reliable services. Only proven systems that have proven their effectiveness are included in the rating.
  2. Fast work. Easy navigation allows you to quickly find CRM for your request.
  3. Only relevant information. Site data is constantly updated, and irrelevant software is removed from the rating.

Process automation allows you to significantly speed up the processing of information arrays, highlight an active audience, and send out advertisements. Programs are ranked on the basis of indicators that help increase the productivity of the company. If you want to improve management, increase the income of your company, but reduce the number of employees, you should use a CRM system. And CRMIndex will help you find the right one.