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    It’s no secret that a slogan is the most important tool with which you can sell the unsellable. Provided, of course, that it is written by professionals. No exception, of course, are the slogans for clothing. What is their specificity? Let’s figure it out.

    Слоганы для одежды

    Slogans for clothes are required to reveal the very essence of the concept of the proposed product. And it’s good if the company has a USP (Unique Selling Proposition). And if he is not? Consider the slogans for clothes of the famous Diesel company. The creators created a whole advertising campaign in order to attract buyers:

    • Diesel Island. Land of the reckless, home of the brave.
    • The army of Diesel Island prepares for battle. (Against Costa Rica, the only country in the world that does not have an army). We have founded a new unique nation. Join and become a citizen in the Diesel store.
    • Welcome to Diesel Island! We don’t have the biggest mess in the world yet. (But we still show ourselves). We have founded a new unique nation. Join and become a citizen in the Diesel store.

    The slogans for the clothes of this company call for uniting people wearing clothes of the same brand. Using the most cunning psychological move, copywriters have achieved incredible success. Long live the herd mentality!

    Another advertising campaign of the same company:

    • The smart have brains, the stupid have courage. (Smart may have the brains, but Stupid has the balls.) – Here I deliberately left the original slogan. Those who know English will understand.
    • The smart have plans, the stupid have stories.
    • A wise man listens to the voice of reason, a fool listens to the voice of the heart.
    • Smart people say no, stupid people say yes.
    • Only the stupid can be truly outstanding.
    • The stupid ones can fail. Smart people don’t even try.
    • Smart people criticize. Fools create.
    • Smart people plan. Stupid people improvise.
    • Long live stupid!

    (In the prints of the advertising campaign, the so-called “stupid” do crazy things: put their heads in the mailbox, climb on each other’s necks, show women’s breasts in the camera).

    The target audience for this series are reckless young people. And this, in fact, almost all young people. Here you have a visual use of insight in marketing (from the English. Insight – insight, insight, sudden guess). It is close to the consumer, truthful and is a discovery.

    In contrast, sportswear firm Nike focuses on the individuality of the consumer:

    • Yes, I am!” (sportswear for women).
    • And I am here” / “Here I am“.
    • You are you and nothing else matters.”

    Monton follows the same concept:

    • Fashion is you.”

    Surprisingly, this also works. Who doesn’t want to be an individual and stand out from the crowd?

    The third way to attract a buyer, which we will consider today, is a game on human needs. For example, some firms use the desire to be free in their slogans:

    • “Savage. The freedom to be yourself.”
    • “Savage. Demonstration of freedom.”
    • Live Free” (LEVI’S 501, jeans).
    • Be in Colin’s, be free” (COLIN’s, denim).

    Here are just a few examples of how you can get out (and not just get out, but succeed!) if you do not have a USP. So do not be discouraged and remember: “Meet by clothes …”.

    P.S. And here is my slogan for the Soviet sports pants “Cross”. They are no longer produced, but some individuals still wear them:

    • “Sweatpants “Cross” – blisters on the knees, a bubble in the bosom.” This is, of course, a joke. Creative success, gentlemen!

    Author: Dmitry Tunkov

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