Interview with Yuri Terekhov, founder of the end-to-end analytics system R7K12

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    We continue our series of interviews with experts on marketing, advertising and business. Today our guest is Yury Terekhov, managing partner of TIS (manufacturing of components for industrial equipment), founder of the R7K12 end-to-end analytics system, founder of the KIT academy for entrepreneurs.

    Юрий Терехов

    – Yury, you produce drive belts. Why this particular area of activity?

    – This business was organized by my parents, at first it was a small company engaged in the resale of belts from imported manufacturers. After some time, it became clear that you would not go far with resale and you need to organize production. I have a global goal: I want more entrepreneurs in Russia, so that they become successful, enter international markets and compete with foreign companies.

    – Are there any difficulties in the implementation of such products? Who is your CA?

    – There are no difficulties in implementation, our clients are mainly large manufacturing companies. When attracting customers, we mainly conduct in 2 areas: incoming traffic and cold calling with a subsequent visit to the enterprise.

    – Tell us about the end-to-end analytics system. How did the idea of creating such a system come about and where is it being implemented?

    – The R7K12 system shows the entrepreneur where he spends and where he earns on advertising on the Internet. The idea came during training, everyone around talked about the need to measure conversion, count indicators, but in fact no one implemented it. Basically, no one considers how much money each traffic channel brought in and spend money based on personal beliefs. For example, a person is used to spending 10,000 rubles and it seems to him that this is normal, although if he clearly understood that each ruble invested brings him 10 rubles of return, he could spend 50 and 300 thousand rubles. Strengthening working tools and turning off ineffective ones.

    A business is essentially a pipe, a certain amount of liquid (client traffic) enters it, and then there are losses at each stage. There is no mobile version of the site, a loss, they didn’t pick up the phone – a loss, they didn’t call back on time, again a loss. And as a result, only a small part reaches the end of the pipe in the form of founder dividends. Therefore, it is important to see the entire pipe and remove losses.

    Юрий Терехов

    – You have an MBA degree. What did she actually give you? Would you recommend an MBA for readers?

    – The MBA degree gave me an understanding that there are entrepreneurs like me who had similar problems and who found solutions to them. The main thing is communication with like-minded people. To recommend or not, here everyone decides for himself, MBA is not about money here and now, but about strategy and long-term development.

    – Yuri, what professional literature do you read, where do you get new knowledge?

    – Now I mainly listen to books on business and self-development. Of the latter, I completed the 30-day course of Tony Robins, I recommend Power of Life to everyone.

    – You are a three-time winner of the Battle of Trainers. What are these competitions and how are coaches evaluated?

    – In the battle of the coach, people with experience in business coached groups of entrepreneurs and competed with the results of the participants. The most outstanding result is the case of Maria Solodar, it grew from 1 to 14.5 million in 2 months. My partner Denis Kuznetsov and I won 3 times out of 4.

    – Is the creation of a YouTube channel a tribute to fashion or do you see a real perspective in this?

    – Nowadays, it’s not money that decides everything, but how many people you interact with. It is important to stand in the flow of people and convey your thoughts to them.

    – Who in your companies has the final say on marketing strategy?

    – When discussing the marketing strategy, and indeed the entire strategy of the company, the last word is always with the owner. But of course, the discussion takes place with the involvement of those responsible for this area. In general, strategy is the main task of the owner, and many people forget about it when they slide into solving current problems.

    Do you remember what helped you become an entrepreneur?

    – Every summer, my grandmother and I were engaged in the fruit trade on the Rostov-Moscow highway. And she constantly told me that I would become a businessman. Probably, this influenced me to a greater extent, although my parents were always against it. They wanted me to become an engineer and get a stable job. In general, as long as I can remember, I constantly thought about what I would do in business.

    What would be your ideal work day?

    – My ideal working day – I do not perceive business as work. Rather, it is creativity, but with great risks. My day is already perfect: not to do routine, morning sports and spend the evening with my family.


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