TikTopus is a cloud service for automatic promotion of TikTok accounts

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    TikTopus (closed) is a fully automatic tool for promoting your TikTok accounts. The service will help your account to gain targeted subscribers and bring your product or service to hundreds of thousands of people.

    The service uses the method of Mass Following and Mass Liking, which work very effectively in TikTok. You specify the parameters of your target audience to the service, and then it finds it on its own and automatically subscribes and likes the posts of these accounts on behalf of your profile.

    продвижение аккаунта в тик ток

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    Subscriptions and likes attract people’s attention, they go to your TikTok and if they like it, they subscribe in response. The conversion from subscriptions to subscribers can reach 30%, that is every third of those who follow your account will follow you in response. As a result, you get a daily increase in subscribers and likes.

    At the moment, the service can:

    • Subscribe to the audience you set
    • Like the posts of the target audience
    • Unfollow those who didn’t follow you back.
    • Filter the audience by the presence of an avatar, privacy, the number of publications, subscriptions, followers, likes.
    • Flexible settings for the number of daily actions, pauses and imitation of human work.

    продвижение тик ток бесплатно

    Also in development is a number of unique features to further increase the efficiency of the service.

    It is important to note that TikTopus uses the most modern mechanism for interacting with TikTok, so promoting on the service is completely safe for your accounts.

    сервис продвижения тик ток

    You can try the service for free. To do this, you need to register using the link, after which you will receive a 3-day free test. By adding your Telegram to the service, you will get 2 more free days of work.

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