8 Most Useful Triggers for Online Stores

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Сабина Карязова

Useful triggers for an online store: visitors turn … into buyers. What did you think?

In this article, you will learn how to increase the conversion of your site using triggers – psychological tricks that will help you perform the miracle transformation of a site visitor into a buyer.


Today, in many online stores, there is such a trend that it is difficult for the buyer to reach the purchase – he is offered a lot of buttons that knock him out of the main goal – “Buy”.


How to Implement the Simplicity Trigger

Make sure that the path from the basket to the purchase is not multi-stage, but in 1 click. Such simplicity is accepted with a bang, and turns visitors into buyers!

Иллюстрация триггера Простота

Social approval

When choosing a product, most of your customers look at what social opinion about it is present on the site: reviews, social network indicators.

How to Implement the Social Approval Trigger

Provide customers with reviews about your product, let them be different and as much as possible. The number of reviews will emphasize the demand for your product, as well as reflect the level of quality.

Today, many online stores forget about it, but in vain.

Use customer expectations, and they will buy from you!

Иллюстрация триггера социальное доказательство

Threat of loss

Fear motivates customers to take quick action, which is successfully used by well-known online stores, such as LeBoutique (Ukraine).

How to Implement Threat of Loss Trigger

Set a special price for the product, as well as a deadline for promotions and get sales. Tested on my own experience! Online auctions, goods left in 1 copy, etc. are also successfully working.

Иллюстрация триггера угроза потери


How to implement the “Comparison” trigger

Arrange in your online store a simple and understandable plate with the characteristics of the product, and give the client the opportunity to compare and choose.

Almost everyone has adopted the same thing in the price of a product – compare the regular price of this product with the promotional price, weekend price, holiday price, etc.

We can often see how this trigger is used by online stores of home appliances and electronics. We look at the example of the Eldorado online store:

Иллюстрация триггера сравнение


When considering a purchase, the customer often “weighs” the benefits of the product they like. So, in different online stores of household appliances the same product is presented, but its advantages are presented in different ways. And this is where this trigger comes into play.

How to Implement Benefits Trigger

For example, you sell headphones. In this case, it is important not only to indicate the sound power in numbers, but also verbally – these headphones guarantee you a clear, powerful sound.

For example, this is how the Panasonic RP-HJE125E-A headphones are described by the Rozetka online store

Иллюстрация триггера Преимущества


We all love gifts that come with purchases. And the more attractive the announced gift, the higher the motivation to buy! This trigger is used by such world famous brands as Yves Rocher.

How to implement the “Gifts” trigger

Encourage customers to buy by advertising enticing gifts, as Yves Rocher does. Interest the client, emphasize the benefits received when buying right now and you will see an increase in conversion.

Иллюстрация триггера подарки


It is worth noting that online shoppers are innovators. Conservatives buy out of habit offline. So take advantage of this feature.

How to implement the “New” trigger

Your customers are interested in everything new, and you just need to emphasize the new items, highlight them with the help of special “new” labels, or you can display them in a separate “News” section. At the same time, do not forget to make an e-mail newsletter with new products. Conversion growth will not keep you waiting!

Here’s how the fashion island online clothing store uses this trigger.

Иллюстрация триггера новинки

Each new collection is accompanied by an e-mail newsletter.

e-mail-рассылка с новинками


As you might have guessed, this trigger is great for women. They love to be touched, and your online store should be no exception.

How to implement the “mi-mi-mi” trigger

Try touching pictures with animals, children and experiment with different emotional outbursts – it works!

Иллюстрация триггера умиления

Looking at the picture, we can be sure that any woman will love this cute souvenir set.

There are many more triggers that will help you sell a lot and with high quality. In this article, we have highlighted the most effective. Good luck and mega sales!

Author: Sabina Karyazova