Wonderlead review – Instagram promotion service with manual MF

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Wonderlead is a service for promoting Instagram accounts through effective manual mass following.

This is not a typical subscription for everyone. The service calculates only active accounts and only potential customers!

Wonderlead - это сервис для продвижения Instagram-аккаунтов с помощью эффективного ручного массфолловинга.

Why is this needed?

Instagram is, first of all, a social network. People go into it to have fun, to observe the life of friends, to find out how things are going.

It’s just that commercial pages find only a few. Therefore, in modern promotion it is very important to be the first to prove yourself. If you want to get more leads through Instagram, be prepared to take the first step.

But this step should be conscious, aimed clearly at the target audience.

Standard mass following and mass liking is not effective. You subscribe to a bunch of accounts, and there is no activity from them. No shopping. Your account becomes “dead”, filled with empty pages. Which as a result spoil your coverage statistics.

In the Wonderlead service, you subscribe only to an active target audience. It calculates whether the page that it subscribed to in the last 3 days puts likes.

How exactly will the service help?

You will qualitatively increase your audience and orders, as the service finds real people who would be interested in your product. No bots, no shops.

How it works?

1. You register in the service, indicate your nickname on Instagram (no password is required, this makes the service absolutely safe!)

Вы регистрируетесь в сервисе, указываете свой ник в инстаграм2. Set the settings for searching for the target audience. What city does she live in? What places does it happen?

гео целевой аудитории

гео целевой аудитории

3. Specify competitors and hashtags (important! write without a lattice).

We start to enter and it automatically suggests accounts, conveniently.

указываем конкурентов и хештеги

4. We read the instructions to get the maximum number of customers.

инструкция, чтобы получить максимум клиентов

инструкция, чтобы получить максимум клиентов

5. Choose a method for receiving notifications about a new audience: Telegram bot, or through the site.

I advise the bot, because through it it happens faster. + it is possible to receive free consultations from an Instagram expert.

эксперт инстаграм

6. We get clients! The service finds the necessary audience in just a few seconds.

7. Don’t forget to use the service’s tips when subscribing and liking. It is important to follow them in order to get as many clients as possible.


The Wonderlead service is a good assistant in finding a quality target audience.

Among the advantages I can note:

  1. Account service security
  2. Live audience, only potential customers
  3. Operational Subscription Offers
  4. Simple and convenient setup
  5. Ability to test the service for free
  6. There is a telegram bot with an instagram expert
  7. Subject to the recommendations, the price per subscriber is minimal


  1. Good quality but long. For good results in manual mass following, you need enough time.
  2. The Service does not provide contractors to fulfill subscriptions.

But this can be solved by finding an assistant on your own.