4 reasons why you should consider buying a tripod for your smartphone

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    штатив для телефона

    Using a tripod is one of those things that make your smartphone photos look good. Of course, setting up a tripod takes a little time, and it’s not needed in every situation, but I firmly believe it’s truly an invaluable accessory. It frees up your hands and allows you to capture stunning and creative images even at night.

    1. Provides Stability

    First and foremost, it’s obvious that a phone tripod helps you keep the camera in one position. All the other benefits that come with it depend on its ability to hold the phone steady without any movement.
    Even if your smartphone camera has optical image stabilization (OIS), electronic image stabilization (EIS), or both – the main work is done by the tripod.

    And during video recording, this advantage stands out. Shaky, wobbly videos shot on the go don’t look ideal. Placing your smartphone on a tripod stabilizes your shots, making your video more professional and engaging.

    2. Better Photos Even in Low Light

    It’s a well-known fact: cameras don’t perform well in low-light conditions. Due to design limitations, smartphone cameras struggle even more. However, there are some settings you can tweak on the camera to increase its exposure and light sensitivity.
    But using a tripod gives you the confidence to slow down the shutter speed as much as possible to gather as much light as possible, without worrying about an unstable, blurry camera. This is definitely one of the most important tools that can help you improve your photos at night or in low-light conditions.

    3. Maintains Image Sharpness

    This point is directly related to the above. One of the secrets to good smartphone photography is to ensure the image quality is sharp.
    For this, you need to understand how focus works and ensure it’s always sharp, and there’s no blurring caused by camera movement. Your hands may naturally shake, or perhaps your hands are tired from physical activity. Either way, a tripod helps you avoid blurry photos, keeping your shots stable.

    4. You Can Take Self-Portraits

    Selfies are one thing, but self-portraits are quite another. Stretching your arm as far as possible (or using a selfie stick) to take a photo against a beautiful natural landscape or architectural monument is fine, but it limits you in what you can capture more creatively.
    As mentioned earlier, using a tripod allows you to take photos of yourself from any distance from the camera. And when there’s company, you can take a proper group photo and be in the frame! This freedom also means you can interact with the surrounding environment, creating creative shots. To take self-portraits, you obviously need to set a timer in the camera settings. Some tripods even come with wireless remote controls, allowing you to trigger the shutter remotely.

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