Simpler, faster, more effective: Funely AI helps small businesses create landing pages using artificial intelligence

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    About the author

    Hello everyone, I am Andrey Vasiliev, co-founder of Funely AI, who has devoted more than ten years to developing technological solutions for business, in particular in the field of working with data and artificial intelligence. My dream is for artificial intelligence to become an accessible and integral tool for small businesses, simplifying daily tasks and increasing the efficiency of their activities.

    Why digital marketing is so important for small businesses

    Digital marketing is an integral part of the modern businessman. Here’s why it’s so important:

    • Affordability: provides small businesses with the opportunity to compete with the big players using smaller budgets.
    • Target Audience:allows you to pinpoint and target specific target audiences using various tools.
    • Instant interaction and feedback: quickly respond to customer needs and wishes.
    • Data analysis: allows you to collect and analyze large amounts of data about customer behavior and preferences.
    • Accessibility and openness: provides small businesses with the opportunity to operate 24/7 without physical stores.
    • Personalization: allows you to personalize marketing communications, which significantly increases the effectiveness of attracting customers.

    What are landing pages and what are they used for

    A landing page is a specialized web page created for a specific purpose, such as encouraging visitors to take a specific action, such as purchasing a product, registering for an event, or signing up for a newsletter.

    They play a very important role in the digital marketing funnel as they are directly involved in converting visitors into leads. With an optimized design and a clear call to action, landing pages provide high conversion efficiency, making it easier for customers to go from realizing the need to making a purchasing decision.

    An example of a landing page created on

    How do landing pages differ from a classic corporate website:

    1. Single Focused Purpose:Unlike a corporate website, which may contain various pages with information about the company, products, services, news and contacts, a landing page is focused on one specific task or goal.
    2. Minimalist Designhas a clean, minimalist design to avoid any distractions that could prevent visitors from performing the desired action. All elements on the page serve one purpose: converting a visitor to a client or subscriber.
    3. Call to Action (CTA): Landing pages contain clearly marked buttons or forms with calls to action that encourage visitors to respond quickly. For example, “Buy now”, “Sign up for free” or “Learn more.”

    Example of an additional call to action created on

    1. Highly Tailored Content:The content on the landing page is tailored to meet the specific needs of the audience it is intended to attract.

    How Funely AI helps small businesses create landing pages.

    One of the unique opportunities that Funely AI provides is the creation of landing pages for advertising campaigns using artificial intelligence. Our platform allows you to generate them based on a text description of your business. This means you don’t need to be a designer or programmer to create an effective page that will help you attract customers.

    Filling out a questionnaire about the company on

    Each page created using Funely AI has an attractive design optimized specifically for advertising purposes. You can easily integrate your landing page with analytics tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, allowing you to track the performance of your ad campaign and make necessary adjustments in real time.

    Flexible landing page customization on

    Additionally, Funely AI makes it possible to set up a landing page in several languages, which is a big advantage for businesses. who plan to work with different geographies.

    In addition, our platform allows you to create multiple landing pages for different advertising campaigns and purposes, providing flexibility and efficiency to your marketing strategy. You can quickly tailor campaigns based on how your campaigns are performing.

    Significant advantages of Funely AI

    One of the hallmarks of Funely AI is our highly integrated cross-platform analytics. Thanks to a built-in module that collects data from various traffic sources, we provide clients with an analysis of the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns on different platforms, which allows them to determine which channels are performing better and which need optimization.

    Another critical aspect of our landing pages is high loading speed and performance. Nowadays, every tenth of a second of loading time can cost you lost leads, but with Funely AI, your pages load quickly and efficiently, regardless of the device or browser you’re using.

    Another important element, without which you should not launch paid campaigns, is the CRM module, built into Funely AI and significantly improving the efficiency of interaction with your potential clients. This system not only makes it easy to manage the applications collected, but also informs Google, Facebook or Instagram algorithms that improve the effectiveness of each campaign, allowing us to maximize the ROI of our clients.

    Collecting leads in the built-in CRM on

    Special offer for Vlada Rykova blog readers

    As a special offer for readers of the Vlada Rykova blog, we are pleased to offer you two additional months of free access to our Starter Plan. This is a unique opportunity to experience the full range of Funely AI capabilities without spending any additional money. To activate this offer, simply go and create your first landing page using artificial intelligence.

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