TOP 3 most famous clothing brands

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    A clothing brand is a well-known and very popular brand. It takes first place in the market for the production of accessories and outfits, is a benchmark for the fashion world, and also serves as an example of success and sophistication. Consider the 3 most popular brands today.


    In 1913, a small shop was opened in the city of northern Italy – Milan, which sold leather bags and suitcases. Its founders were the brothers Martino and Mario Prada. Products were famous for their quality and were highly appreciated by customers. Later, the business was headed by the granddaughter of Mario Prada – Miuccia. She made a huge contribution to the development of the brand, thanks to which it became world famous. However, businessman Patrizio Bertelli helped her, relations with whom soon turned from business to romantic, and in 1987 they got married.

    Even as a teenager, Miuccia did not recognize universal stereotypes and therefore had her own unique style in clothes, this was reflected in her products. It’s also impossible to ignore a great film called The Devil Wears Prada, which tells the story of a young journalist working for a fashion magazine for picky editor Miranda.

    At present, the brand still focuses on the production of handbags, which every fashionista dreams of. Prada has established itself as a manufacturer of exclusive and sophisticated products combined with quality and practicality.


    This is one of the most popular brands in the world. The founder – Gabrielle Boner Chanel was born in 1883 in the French city of Saumur, and she received her nickname “Coco” as a cabaret singer in France. Once in her youth, working in the simplest knitwear store, she became interested in creating unique and neat hats. They were completely different from the profusely decorated with various beads and feathers hats popular at that time. Coco created elegant and minimalistic headwear. To better understand the history of the creation of the brand and the life of a young girl, you can watch the film “Coco before Chanel”, which perfectly describes the biography of this legendary personality.

    Today, Chanel produces products with a simple cut that are always in fashion. A feature of the brand is the predominance of black and white, but in modern collections you can find a piece of golden, red or beige.


    The founder of this brand is Guccio Gucci, who was born in 1891 in Italy. In his youth, having worked in England as a porter at a hotel, Guccio was inspired by the suitcases and bags of wealthy guests. Returning to his homeland in 1921, he decides to start his own production of leather goods. A year later, the first Gucci fashion house was opened in Florence. Its assortment included clothes for people involved in equestrian sports, suitcases and bags made of high-quality leather.

    Nowadays, this brand has not lost its popularity, it still continues to occupy a leading position in the world market. At the moment, the director is Alessandro Michelle, who completely changed the idea of ​​fashion shows and was the first to combine the show of men’s and women’s collections. Now the brand mainly specializes in the creation of shoes, clothing and accessories, but also produces perfumes and decorative cosmetics. In 2013, James Franco presented his documentary The Director, which tells about the secrets and secrets behind the scenes of the Gucci fashion house.

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