How to improve conversion with pop-up forms?

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    Pop-ups are perceived by many as evil – something that is guaranteed to piss off the visitor and provoke him to leave the site. Pop-up forms can be really annoying, but if you properly integrate them into your site design, you can significantly increase the conversion. A pop-up window is guaranteed to require a reaction from the user and some action, this property must be used.

    This is the case when there is no need to seek a compromise. Pop-up forms do not have to impair usability and reduce the comfort of visitors. Below we will analyze examples when, due to the original pop-up forms alone, the conversion grew by 100+%.

    Debunking pop-up myths

    Among skeptics, 3 arguments against pop-ups are especially popular:

    • they irritate site visitors. This is partly true, but only in the case when pop-up windows appear at the wrong time and offer something that is not interesting to the user;
    • they do not affect the conversion. This is not true, the spread in conversion growth is large, but with properly organized pop-up windows, you can count on a 20-25% increase. There are more prominent examples;
    • it is expensive and difficult. In reality, you can set up and implement a pop-up window on the site in 10-15 minutes. Don’t believe? Check it out for yourself here.

    To illustrate, here are a few examples:

    • The WPBeginner blog achieved a 600% increase in subscribers to its newsletters. The main growth factor is intelligent pop-ups, when the user intended to leave the site, he was immediately shown especially valuable offers from the blog;
    • Conversion problems were observed on, out of 44 thousand visitors, 10-15 people subscribed to the mailing list. After the introduction of a pop-up form with a subscription offer, after a minute of a visitor’s stay on the site, the number of subscribers increased to 100-150 people. That is, pop-up windows increased the growth of the subscription base by 10-15 times;
    • slightly redesigned the pop-up form, after the update the email input field was displayed permanently. As a result, the conversion increased by 36%.

    Your site may well not only repeat, but also surpass these indicators.

    Setting up Plerdy pop-up forms for different types of tasks

    Pop-up windows should be “smart”, the same form may be appropriate for a user visiting the site from a PC and be redundant for mobile devices. This is just one of the many conditions that modern pop-up forms must meet.

    Plerdy Popup Features:

    • the display is configured in your personal account, the services of programmers and designers are not needed;
    • 8 types of templates;
    • setting up the visual component;
    • setting the conditions for displaying the form, frequency;
    • setting by IP – only the specified addresses will display a pop-up window.

    You can configure absolutely everything, from the size, color of the window to the traffic source, so that only visitors from a certain type of device see the pop-up form.

    Setting up a Plerdy pop-up form to collect subscriptions

    This type of form allows you to quickly grow your subscription base:

    • select the “Smart Forms” tab, click on “Create Form”, select a template, enter a name and click “Create”;

    Подписная база

    • on the left side of the page we set up the form, on the right side it shows how the pop-up will look on the site;

    как выглядит на сайте

    • in the settings we set the font, text color that the site visitor will see after submitting the form, the color of the button, background, its transparency and other characteristics of the form. Changes are immediately visible on the right side;
    • fill in the privacy information;
    • if necessary, add an image/GIF file;
    • in the conditions we set up exactly how, when and to whom the pop-up form is shown. We also configure where the popup will appear.

    Setting up Plerdy pop-up order form in 1 click

    Simplifying the checkout process is a good incentive for users to buy. Plerdy smart pop-up forms can also be configured for 1-click orders:

    • in the “Smart Forms” tab, select the appropriate type of pop-up window, enter the text and click “Create”;

    тип всплывающего окна

    • we observe the division of the page into 2 parts, on the left – settings, on the right – preview;

    разделение страницы на 2 части

    • the conditions for displaying are different – you can display it when you try to leave the page, when the page is scrolled to a certain value, bind the pop-up form to certain dates.

    In the “list of leads” you can study the statistics on leads in the form of a graph and a table.

    Setting up a Plerdy pop-up form for a callback

    To add this form to your site:

    • in the “Smart Forms” tab, select the appropriate template, set a name, click “Create”;

    для обратного звонка

    • the screen is divided into a part with settings and a window with a preview;
      часть с настройками
    • show conditions and where to show. You can bind the display of the form to a specific text. For example, a product is out of stock, in which case a pop-up form appears.

    Lead statistics can be viewed online.

    Setting up a stock Plerdy pop-up form

    Clicking on this form directs the user to a page with a description of the conditions. From

    • in the “Smart Forms” tab, select the “Promotion” template, enter a name and click “Create”;

    Plerdy для акций

    • now on the left side – settings, on the right – the preview window;
      окно предварительного просмотра
    • the appearance of the form is configured, privacy conditions, conditions and where to show the form are set.

    Statistics are collected automatically.

    Setting up a Plerdy pop-up form at the exit from the site

    A pop-up window captures the visitor’s attention when they try to leave the site. To set up on

    • go to “Smart Forms”, a 1-click order, a subscription, and a promotion are suitable for the role of pop-up windows of this type. Select the desired template and click “Create”;
      Plerdy на выходе с сайта
    • the screen is divided into the left side (parameters are set) and the right side – changes are displayed;
      отображаются изменения
    • display condition “When leaving the page”, it is desirable to set the frequency no more than once every 3 days;
    • in the “Where to show” menu, insert the URL of the page where the pop-up form is added or select another condition.

    The form will be displayed when the cursor leaves the page.

    Setting up a Plerdy pop-up form to collect phone numbers

    To add a form like this:

    • in “Smart Forms” select “Collect Phones”;
      для сбора номеров телефонов
    • go to the settings, on the left side – settings, on the right – preview;
    • set display conditions. In the “Where to show” section, we bind the display of the form, for example, to a specific text, URL, language cookies.

    The “List of Leads” menu stores information on the collected leads.

    Setting up a Plerdy pop-up form to collect email addresses

    Creating a form is no different from other types:

    • in the “Smart Forms” section, select “Email Collection”, click “Create”;
    • go to the settings, on the left side we set the parameters, on the right – we observe how the form looks;


    • customize the appearance, conditions and display location.

    This form can also act as a pop-up form when leaving the site.

    General settings for pop-up forms:

    • they can be styled according to the design of your site;
    • set arbitrary text and sentences;
    • set the conditions and places of the display;
    • analyze from which traffic sources most often click on pop-ups;
    • configure IP restriction. For example, at the initial stage, only the management will be able to see pop-up forms, then the IP limit is removed and pop-up windows are visible to everyone.

    It is possible to connect API integration with email and SMS mailing services.

    How to analyze Plerdy smart pop-up form impression statistics

    After setting up pop-ups, you need to monitor their effectiveness. It is convenient to do this online, all the necessary statistics are collected automatically. To display statistical data in the “Smart Forms” section, go to the “Impression Statistics” tab.

    Статистика показов

    Statistics are available for a specific form, URL, traffic source, for a certain period. In the settings, set the criteria for selecting information and click the “Show” button:

    • displays the number of impressions, closures, lost impressions, clicks and calculates CTR (the ratio of the number of clicks to the number of form impressions);
      количество показов
    • the same information is in tabular form;
      в табличном виде
    • separate statistics on traffic sources are maintained.
      статистика по источникам трафика

    The study of these statistics allows you to identify effective and ineffective pop-ups. In tables, data for all columns can be sorted in ascending and descending order, so that the time for analyzing statistics is reduced to a minimum.


    If you need to customize the display of information windows on certain pages of the site, then smart forms are the perfect solution. They do not require the involvement of programmers, and due to the flexibility of settings, you can set almost any conditions for displaying pop-up forms. For example, link their display to certain dates, IP addresses, text on the page, URL or part of it.

    On, in addition to the flexible settings of pop-up forms, all statistics on leads are automatically collected. So you can not only add pop-ups to the site, but also analyze their effectiveness.

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